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Britney Spears
Britney Spears got her start on The Mickey Mouse Club as a child, before bursting onto the music scene with her 1999 debut album "...Baby One More Time." Britney, best known for songs like "Oops I Did It Again" and "Toxic," has had a string of hit songs and successful tours, and is mom to two sons.
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Britney Spears Earning $475,000 Per Show in Las Vegas

Oct 23rd 2014 1:00AM

We knew that Britney Spears boosted Planet Hollywood's revenue in a BIG way - like in a $20 million a year kind of way. So, it stands to reason that... Read More

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Britney Spears' Manager Tells the Story Behind the Madonna VMA Kiss

Oct 20th 2014 10:51AM

The Britney Spears and Madonna kiss is one pop culture moment that none of us will soon forget. It was 2003 and Britney was at the top of her game.... Read More

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Mario Lopez Had a One-Night Stand With Britney Spears?!

Oct 18th 2014 1:19PM

All right, first things first, this was not, and we repeat, NOT recent. Mario Lopez is happily married and this is strictly a statement about his... Read More

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Jackpot! Britney Spears' Show Gives Planet Hollywood $20 Million Annual Earnings Boost (Report)

Oct 18th 2014 3:08AM

Britney Spears = Big bucks! The pop star has been doing her 'Piece of Me' show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas for less than a year and she's... Read More

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Britney Spears Wants to Collaborate With Iggy Azalea?

Oct 17th 2014 4:33PM

If this happened, it would be nothing short of epic. Iggy Azalea is known for her sick collaborations, like "Fancy" with Charli XCX, "Black Widow"... Read More

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Britney Spears' Ex Manager Helped Orchestrate Amanda Bynes Hospital Stay

Oct 11th 2014 12:01PM

After yet another disturbing Twitter rant and some increasingly strange behavior, Amanda Bynes was hospitalized on Friday night on a 5150 psychiatric... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Really Wants to Write a Song for Britney Spears?

Sep 30th 2014 11:23PM

Move over Hilary Duff and Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran has another singer on his who-to-write-a-song-for list. This time our favorite ginger wants to work... Read More

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Britney Spears Is a Bobbed Bombshell

Sep 25th 2014 6:57PM

Britney Spears just pulled a classic post-breakup move, which totally made us love her that much more. The pop star's now ex-boyfriend David Lucado... Read More

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Britney Spears Wants Kate Middleton to Wear Her Lingerie

Sep 25th 2014 1:30PM

Britney Spears has high hopes when it comes to who will be slipping into the sexy lingerie from her new line. During a recent appearance to promote... Read More

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Iggy Azalea Teases Collaboration With "Another Blondie"

Sep 19th 2014 12:35PM

Iggy Azalea's collaborations are always insane. First, we had "Fancy" with Charli XCX, "Problem" with Ariana Grande, "Black Widow" (our current... Read More

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Britney Spears Accused of Ripping Off Lingerie Design

Sep 18th 2014 12:45PM

Britney Spears' lingerie line has been drawing a lot of attention, and for pretty much all the wrong reasons. Originally, everyone accused the pop... Read More

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Britney Spears Doesn't Want David Lucado's Porn Star Fling Talking

Sep 11th 2014 1:55AM

The claws are out! Britney Spears is undoubtedly furious and hurt and all of those other things that happen to us when we get cheated on. But, in... Read More

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Is Britney Spears on Tinder?

Sep 10th 2014 1:13PM

Britney Spears is getting used to the single life again after boyfriend David Lucado cheated on her with a porn star. Britney and David were... Read More

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Is Britney Spears Already Working on Another Album?

Sep 8th 2014 6:34PM

How Britney Spears even has time to think about another album, we're not quite sure, but it definitely looks like she has been and she might already... Read More

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Britney Spears' Ex-Boyfriend Cheated on Her With a Porn Star (Report)

Sep 8th 2014 12:32PM

Well, this definitely explains a lot. Britney Spears dumped her boyfriend David Lucado as soon as she found out he'd cheated on her. Britney's dad... Read More

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Talk About Good Genes! Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears Pose for a Pic With Their Super Cute Kids

Sep 4th 2014 12:38PM

Since Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears live a couple states away from each other, we don't get to see the famous siblings together very often. In... Read More

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Britney Spears' Ex David Lucado Claims They Were on a Break When He Hooked Up With Someone Else

Sep 3rd 2014 3:33PM

One very important thing about being on a break with someone, especially if you're planning on hooking up with someone ELSE, is that both parties need... Read More

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Is Britney Spears Secretly Texting Her Ex Boyfriend Adnan Ghalib?

Sep 2nd 2014 10:10PM

Say it isn't so. Days after calling it quits with her boyfriend David Lucado, Britney Spears has reportedly been texting her other ex-boyfriend... Read More

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Britney Spears Sends Heartfelt Letter to Fan After Meet-and-Greet in Las Vegas

Sep 2nd 2014 1:17PM

David LeCours loves Britney Spears and when he got a chance to meet her during a meet-and-greet at her Las Vegas show, he came prepared. David... Read More

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Britney Spears Spent Over $30,000 on Her Dogs in One Year

Sep 2nd 2014 11:20AM

A lot of people are astounded at the fact that Britney Spears spent over $30,000 on her dogs in one year. Yes, that sounds like a lot to most of us,... Read More

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Britney Spears Addresses Breakup During Las Vegas Concert

Sep 2nd 2014 2:21AM

We were shocked last week when news broke that Britney Spears had split from boyfriend David Lucado. We were even more shocked to hear that he'd... Read More

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Access Denied! Britney Spears' Ex Can't Visit or Even Call Her

Sep 1st 2014 2:35AM

Britney Spears is done with David Lucado. Last week, a video of him reportedly cheating on her surfaced and was being shopped to multiple media... Read More

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Britney Spears and Boyfriend David Lucado Break Up

Aug 28th 2014 8:18PM

Britney Spears is back on the market. After the "Work B**ch" songstress tweeted "Ahhhh the single life!" Thursday afternoon, multiple news outlets... Read More

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Britney Spears Made a Dream Come True for This Terminally Ill Fan

Aug 27th 2014 1:23PM

Do we really need another reason to love Britney Spears? No, but she went ahead and gave us one, anyway...and this one is absolutely the ultimate. In... Read More

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Britney Spears' Awkward Woody Woodpecker Impression (WATCH)

Aug 25th 2014 5:06PM

Call us nostalgic, but when we think of Britney Spears, we still think of the hot young blonde slithering around the VMA stage with a snake around her... Read More

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What Did Britney Spears Think of Katy Perry's Copycat Look?

Aug 25th 2014 12:22PM

Katy Perry showed up to the MTV Video Music Awards this year dressed in an iconic Britney Spears outfit. The year was 2001 and Britney Spears and... Read More

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Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears Do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Jamie Lynn Shows Donation Receipt

Aug 19th 2014 11:33AM

Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears have just joined the charity craze gone viral and they've both just dumped freezing cold buckets of water over their... Read More

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Kanye West Says He's the "Smartest Celebrity Ever," Disses Britney Spears

Aug 6th 2014 6:00PM

Listening to Kanye West spew some word vomit is always good for a laugh, and his ridiculous comments during his deposition in the assault case... Read More

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Britney Spears Does Not Look Excited About Her Girls' Night Out

Aug 3rd 2014 5:55AM

You know those awkward meet and greet photos we've seen from Britney Spears' concerts in Las Vegas? Turns out, that might just be Brit's way of... Read More

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Did Britney Spears Photoshop Her Lingerie Ads?

Aug 2nd 2014 6:00AM

Somehow, there is more interest in the ads for Britney Spears' new lingerie line than the ACTUAL lingerie line. Of course, the pop star looks really... Read More