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The Latest Fashion Trends and Tips from the Hottest Celebs. Coming to you from the center of the L.A. fashion world, Cambio Style previews what's coming up this season, everything from exclusive behind-the-scenes moments with fashion-forward celebs, to ambush makeovers, and all the hottest new trends. Our style gurus Electra Formosa and Nina Lenders break down this season's hottest styles, fashion must-haves and best celeb looks to copy. Plus watch exclusive interviews with stylish stars and exclusive makeover episodes.
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Victoria's Secret Scaling Back Clothing Sales: Don't Worry, the Pink Stuff Is Safe

Apr 16th 2014 12:18PM

When we first heard that Victoria's Secret was going to make a major cutback on their clothing operations, effective immediately, we had a major panic... Read More

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Vera Wang's Brand New Bridal Collection Video Is All Kinds of Creepy

Apr 15th 2014 4:21PM

Vera Wang decided to mix things up a little bit and instead of the traditional runway show to debut her Spring 2015 bridal collection, the famed... Read More

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Farrah Abraham Shows Off Unfortunate New 'Do During Nonsensical Rant

Apr 14th 2014 1:34PM

Tip: Do not post a video of yourself with There's Something About Mary hair when you're on a quest to prove to the world that you're not a porn... Read More

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7 Reasons Coachella Is The Most Epic Event of 2014

Apr 10th 2014 5:08PM

In case you've been living under a very untrendy rock, Coachella kicks off this weekend and everyone who's anyone is going to be there. We're not just talking about the slew of performers slated for... Read More

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Katy Perry Totally Redeems Herself With This Sexy Green-Haired Photo

Apr 10th 2014 1:23PM

Katy Perry just regained a couple of her "hot" points. The newly-single singer colored her hair "slime green" for Spring last week and...well, it... Read More

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Why Is Jennifer Lawrence on the Cover of 'Martha Stewart: Weddings'?

Apr 8th 2014 2:10PM

Is J. Law getting married? When the Hunger Games starlet was featured on the cover of a bridal magazine, we wondered if she and Nicholas Hoult had... Read More

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Katy Perry's Slime Green 'Do Is Definitely a Don't

Apr 8th 2014 12:06PM

Nobody thought she would actually do it--and now that she did, we kinda wish she wouldn't have. Last week, Katy Perry teased that she was going to... Read More

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Stealing the Spotlight: Look Great on a First Date, at a Game or at a Pool Party

Apr 7th 2014 11:52AM

With these quick makeup tips up your sleeve, you'll be turning heads whether you're first dating at a romantic restaurant, cheering in the bleachers... Read More

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Perfecting the Selfie: From Finding the Right Makeup to Avoiding the Wrong Lighting

Apr 7th 2014 11:49AM

Can't seem to take the perfect selfie? We've got you covered. From creating the right background to getting rid of the dreaded triple chin, here's... Read More

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Pucker Up: 5 Quick Tips to Give You the Perfect Pout

Apr 7th 2014 11:49AM

Style star Jaclyn Johnson shares her tips for rocking the perfect kisser. (Have your toothbrush handy!) Check out more makeup tips from Jaclyn.... Read More

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How to Nail It: Punch Up Your Manicure With Lemon Drop Polka Dots

Apr 7th 2014 11:45AM

The three things you need for DIY summer manicure inspired by an "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini": glosstinis nail color in... Read More

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From the Runway to Real Life: 2 New Killer Makeup Looks Hot Off the Catwalk

Apr 7th 2014 11:43AM

Ready to create the dramatic "dark fairy tale" and "angelic ethereal" makeup looks that made their debut during New York Fashion Week? (Our favorite... Read More

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Goes Blonde Post-Baby, Talks Weight Loss Struggle

Apr 2nd 2014 4:03PM

Now that Jennifer Love Hewitt's had her baby, she's back to hitting the bottle...the bleach bottle, that is! The new mom showed off brand new... Read More

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April Fools or For Real? Lauren Conrad Dyes Her Hair Lilac

Apr 1st 2014 3:00PM

Semi-boring Lauren Conrad is really letting her hair down and branching out beauty wise as of late. Last week, she sported a unibrow (faux, but still... Read More

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Did Kaley Cuoco Cut Her Hair? See the Photo Fake Out

Mar 31st 2014 12:28PM

Kaley Cuoco debuted a brand new 'do on her Instagram page over the weekend and it looked H-O-T. Unfortunately, it was just a photo fake-out and... Read More

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Katy Perry Wants to Dye Her Hair WHAT Color?!

Mar 31st 2014 12:14PM

Katy Perry has certainly experimented with some interesting hair hues over the years, but this new one (if she ends up going through with it) could be... Read More

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Rihanna vs. Keira Knightley in Frocks From the Future

Mar 29th 2014 5:00AM

That awkward moment when someone steals your Judy Jetson dress. Rihanna and Keira Knightley were both at the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week and for... Read More

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Hilary Duff Shows Off New 'Do and Makes a Big Announcement

Mar 28th 2014 4:46PM

Hellooooo, Hilary Duff! The newly single actress is showing off her even lighter hair and...well, let's just say she probably won't be single for long... Read More

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7 Ways Bobbi Kristina Brown Could Score Herself a "Most Improved" Title

Mar 28th 2014 3:38PM

Bobbi Kristina Brown's recent public appearance is raising more than a few eyebrows. We're totally rooting for her, but there is no denying that everything about this particular appearance was... Read More

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Naked North West Poses With Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in 'Vogue'

Mar 24th 2014 2:07PM

North West isn't even a year old but she's already doing nude photo shoots for Vogue magazine! While Kim Kardashian and Kanye West landed the cover of... Read More

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Mary-Kate Olsen's Hair-Raising Revelation

Mar 19th 2014 1:04PM

Mary-Kate Olsen has been acting since before she knew how to crawl. She was designing a fashion line and producing movies before she even knew how to... Read More

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North West's Hand-Me-Downs Are Very Different Than the Ones We Got

Mar 17th 2014 1:06PM

We are so relieved to hear this because the one thing Kim Kardashian's daughter North West desperately needed was more clothes. Still under a year... Read More

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Show Us Your Best Kissy Face! Enter Cambio's #SMOOCHIES Contest for a Chance to Win a $200 Makeup Kit

Mar 14th 2014 8:00PM

Miley Cyrus has the duck face down. Think you can take a good kissy face selfie like your favorite celeb? Upload a picture of yourself wearing your... Read More

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Everyone Should Own a Pair of These Pants

Mar 11th 2014 6:06PM

Best. Invention. Ever. This is kind of like those pajama jeans, except you can wear them to work--although maybe if you work in a casual place, you've... Read More

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7 Reasons We're Jealous of Jared Leto's Hair

Mar 10th 2014 7:36PM

Jared Leto's hair is everything. The ombre highlights? Perfection. The long layers? Divine. And let's not forget those amazing beachy waves that we have all attempted, only to end up looking like... Read More

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Nike Looking to Sign Endorsement Deal With Kristen Stewart?

Mar 10th 2014 1:12PM

Kristen Stewart is to Converse kicks what Kim Kardashian is to selfies. They just go together. So, why is Nike trying to jump in and throw off the... Read More

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Just Missed: Khloe Kardashian's Outfit Could Have Been Super Sexy

Mar 10th 2014 11:14AM

Hello, Khloe Kardashian! The reality star has been sexing up her style in a big way since she's been single and for the most part, her... Read More

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Attention Brides on a Budget: H and M Unveils $99 Wedding Dress

Mar 8th 2014 11:15AM

Weddings are expensive. Like, really expensive. And for some girls, spending thousands of dollars on a dress you will wear for one night is not... Read More

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Heidi Klum's Boob Gets Squeezed by Donatella Versace

Mar 4th 2014 4:41PM

Is boob grabbing the new air kissing? Or is this just how you say hello in Italian? Heidi Klum was attending Elton John's Oscar party when she ran... Read More

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Keira Knightley Shows Off Tiny Waist in Interesting Ensemble

Mar 4th 2014 1:20PM

OK, we knew Keira Knightley was tiny, but whoa--this is kind of a trip. No, we're not talking about the random gold pumps with the black and white... Read More