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Selena Gomez Has a Girl Crush on Jennifer Lawrence? Lea Michele's Cute PDA! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Jan 17th 2013 5:20PM

Toddlers dress up and creepishly look A LOT like today's Hollywood actors!... Read More

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Rihanna Shows Off Her New Hair; Justin Bieber to Host 'SNL?' (CLICKWORTHY!)

Jan 7th 2013 2:00PM

Are Robert and Kristen buying a house together in London?... Read More

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Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum Expecting First Child!; One Direction's Favorite Holiday Traditions! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Dec 17th 2012 5:45PM

And will Chris Brown and Rihanna be the new 'X-Factor' judges?!... Read More

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Justin Bieber Confirmed to Star in Mark Wahlberg Flick? Danielle Jonas' New Jovani Ad Campaign Pics! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Dec 13th 2012 7:33PM

Watch Selena Gomez dance to Taylor Swift too!... Read More

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Robert Kardashian Tweets He Got Rita Ora Pregnant; Nicki Minaj Demands Radio to Stop Playing Her Music! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Dec 4th 2012 10:00PM

And find out why we SO think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together!... Read More

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Expecting First Baby!; 'Teen Mom 2' Star is Engaged! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Dec 3rd 2012 2:31PM

Why's Kate in the hospital right now?! Find out!... Read More

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Chris Brown and Rihanna's New PDA Twit Pic!; Victoria's Secret Models Lip-Sync to Justin Bieber! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Nov 30th 2012 3:14PM

And read these pick-up lines that are only Justin Bieber lyrics! Too funny!... Read More

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New Selena Gomez 'Getaway' Pics!; Why Are Fans Mad Over Britney Spears' Latest Mag Cover? (CLICKWORTHY!)

Oct 29th 2012 1:30PM

And find out what Halloween costumes our favorite celebs wore!... Read More

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Why Was Lil Wayne Hospitalized?; Win a Date With Zac Efron...Seriously! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Oct 26th 2012 5:25PM

And what happened at Justin Timberlake's wedding that has made him apologize?... Read More

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One Direction Halloween Inspired Pumpkins!; Britney Spears Gets Hit with Drug Abuse Claims (CLICKWORTHY!)

Oct 24th 2012 3:00PM

And get details on Demi Lovato's fourth album!... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Buys New L.A. House That's Closer To Rob; Scott Disick Cheated on Kourtney Kardashian? (CLICKWORTHY!)

Oct 16th 2012 7:23PM

And the new X-Factor judges have been confirmed!... Read More

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Watch Miley Cyrus' 'So Undercover' Movie Trailer; One Direction's Next Single is Revealed! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Oct 15th 2012 3:45PM

Does Justin Bieber like his mom's new boyfriend? Find out here!... Read More

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Miley Cyrus Drops Out of "Bonnie and Clyde" Mini-Series; Cool Halloween Costume Ideas! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Oct 12th 2012 3:00PM

And see new pics of Jennifer Lawrence on the 'Catching Fire' set!... Read More

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Did a Squirrel Cause Niall Horan's Knee Injury?; Kristen Stewart Goes to a Rock Concert with Her Dad! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Oct 9th 2012 2:00PM

And watch this high school student totally bust out "Gangnam Style" at his high school pep rally!... Read More

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'Hunger Games' Halloween Costume Ideas; Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant? (CLICKWORTHY!)

Oct 8th 2012 3:15PM

Get the latest celeb news from our BFFs!... Read More

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Taylor Swift Sticks Up to Bullies in a Cool Way; Justin Bieber's Mom Might Have a Date! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Oct 4th 2012 3:33PM

And who is Nicki Minaj blaming her fight with Mariah Carey on?... Read More

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Deena Cortese from 'Jersey Shore' Slims Down; Rihanna and Chris Brown Hook Up in NYC? (CLICKWORTHY!)

Oct 3rd 2012 3:00PM

And see hot new pics of Liam Hemsworth too!... Read More

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Want to Go to Justin Bieber's SOLD OUT Los Angeles Concert Tomorrow? Demi Lovato to Star on MTV Special! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Oct 1st 2012 3:20PM

And get the coolest 1D nail art ideas!... Read More

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JWOWW Confirms Her Engagement! Did Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer Break Up? (CLICKWORTHY!)

Sep 26th 2012 3:45PM

And will there be another 'Harry Potter' book?!... Read More


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Spotted in LA Together; One Direction's New Song Sounds Too Familiar For Some (CLICKWORTHY!)

Sep 24th 2012 4:52PM

And there's another celeb sex tape on the lose!... Read More

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Who Wants to Interview Ed Sheeran in NYC Tomorrow?; Peep the Many Faces of Harry Styles! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Sep 20th 2012 5:14PM

And find out how Demi Lovato's standing up to bullying too!... Read More

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U.S Gold Medalist Shaun White Arrested; Mila and Ashton Caught Kissing! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Sep 18th 2012 4:00PM

And does the Freshman 15 really exist?... Read More

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Did Dianna Agron Quit 'Glee?'; Justin Bieber Adds Magician David Blaine to Tour! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Sep 14th 2012 2:30PM

And which British Royal was caught naked this time?!... Read More

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Can Justin Bieber Handle Selena Gomez AND His Fans?! Pick Your Fave Miley Cyrus Hairstyle! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Sep 12th 2012 4:33PM

Check out Lady Gaga's new, drastic look!... Read More

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Demi Lovato's Views Stir Up 'X-Factor'; Why is "Taylor Swift" Dangerous to Look-Up Online? (CLICKWORTHY!)

Sep 10th 2012 4:00PM

And guess who showed up with Selena Gomez at her movie premiere?... Read More

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See the First Pic of Snooki's Baby Lorenzo!; Liam Hemsworth's New Movie Trailer! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Sep 5th 2012 4:00PM

Get tips on how to survive your first college party too!... Read More


Which Celebs Had the Best Summer? It's This Singer's "B-Day" Today...Guess Who! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Sep 4th 2012 3:00PM

And what's wrong with John Mayer?!... Read More

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Nick Jonas Tweets Studio Photo and Jonas Brothers New Song Lyrics (CLICKWORTHY!)

Aug 30th 2012 4:45PM

Get awesome back-to-school fashion tips too!... Read More

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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas to Co-Judge on 'X-Factor'; Demi to Perform at MTV VMA Preshow Too! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Aug 28th 2012 3:00PM

Oh and expect Justin Bieber on X-Factor too!... Read More


New Jonas Brothers App, Lady Gaga's Animal Drama (CLICKWORTHY!)

Aug 17th 2012 6:55PM

And this teen got a date with a very cute Olympian! Find out how!... Read More