Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith
Cory Monteith was best known for his role as Finn Hudson on the TV series Glee and his relationship with his costar Lea Michele. Cory tragically passed away on July 13, 2013 in a hotel room in Vancouver, Canada.
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Cory Monteith Oscars In Memoriam: Why Was Cory Missing From the Tribute?

Mar 3rd 2014 12:26PM

Why was Cory Monteith left off the list of the Oscars 2014 In Memoriam segment? While the ceremony's In Memoriam segment paid tribute to the sad... Read More

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Cory Monteith's Name Misspelled During Grammys Tribute

Jan 27th 2014 10:29AM

During a portion of the awards show where musicians who had passed were remembered, the Glee actor's last name was spelled incorrectly... Read More

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Lea Michele Talks Cory Monteith on Ellen: "He Was the Greatest Man"

Dec 12th 2013 10:07AM

Watch Lea Michele on Ellen DeGeneres, where she talks about life after boyfriend Cory Monteith's death, plus her performance of "Cannonball."... Read More

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Lea Michele New Tattoo, Song Honor Cory Monteith's Memory

Nov 5th 2013 3:48PM

Lea MIchele got a special tattoo tribute for boyfriend Cory Monteith and wrote a song about him for her upcoming album. Find out what the phrase "If... Read More

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Lea Michele on Life After Cory Monteith's Death: "You Have to Be Very Strong"

Nov 4th 2013 10:14AM

In the new issue of Elle magazine, Lea Michele talks about her life after the death of boyfriend Cory Monteith. Lea shares how she spent time with... Read More

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Lea Michele: "Misses Cory Monteith Every Day"

Oct 14th 2013 11:17AM

How has Lea Michele handled the death of boyfriend Cory Monteith? A source tells that Lea "still misses him every day," but "it's getting... Read More

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Lea Michele Talks Cory Monteith Death: How She Lost Both Cory and Finn

Oct 9th 2013 9:38AM

Lea Michele breaks her silence about Cory Monteith's death, explaining how she lost two people, both Cory and his 'Glee' character Finn. She said of... Read More

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Dianna Agron Not Invited to 'Glee' Cory Monteith Tribute Episode: Lea Michele "Dislikes" Dianna?

Oct 8th 2013 12:05PM

Why wasn't Dianna Agron invited to appear on the 'Glee' Cory Monteith tribute episode? A new report claims that Lea Michele and show co-creator Ryan... Read More

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Cory Monteith 'Glee' Tribute: Why Lea Michele Chose "Make You Feel My Love"

Oct 7th 2013 7:59PM

As it turns out, Lea Michele chose the song "Make You Feel My Love" for Glee's upcoming "The Quarterback" tribute for Cory Monteith. Find out what the... Read More

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'Glee' Cory Monteith Tribute Episode: Listen to "Seasons of Love," "Make You Feel My Love" and More

Oct 7th 2013 10:41AM

Listen to the full 'Glee' Cory Monteith tribute episode songs now, in advance of "The Quarterback" airing on Thursday. Lea Michele sings "Make You... Read More

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Naya Rivera on 'Glee' Without Cory: "We're Picking Up the Pieces"

Oct 3rd 2013 7:45PM

Naya Rivera gives us the scoop on Glee--from how the cast is coping without Cory Monteith to Santana's new romantic interest, played by Demi Lovato.... Read More

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'Glee' Cory Monteith Tribute Episode Song Spoilers: "The Quarterback"

Oct 3rd 2013 2:46PM

The 'Glee' song spoilers for the Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson tribute episode revealed an emotionally packed show. Find out what song Cory's real-life... Read More

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Cory Monteith Final Death Report: Intravenous Heroin, Alcohol

Oct 2nd 2013 6:10PM

New details have emerged in Cory Monteith's final death report, with cause of death listed as a mix of injected heroin and alcohol. Find out when he... Read More

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Cory Monteith Emmys 2013 Tribute: Watch Jane Lynch's Touching In Memoriam Speech

Sep 22nd 2013 9:56PM

Watch Jane Lynch's touching In Memoriam tribute to Cory Monteith at the 2013 Emmy Awards (video). Jane called Cory a "gifted and wonderful young... Read More

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Dianna Agron Not Returning for 'Glee' Cory Monteith Tribute Episode?

Sep 3rd 2013 12:43PM

'Glee' star Dianna Agron will not return to the series for the special tribute episode for Cory Monteith. Read what Dianna said about being snubbed... Read More

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Lea Michele Looks Like She's Doing Better in Her Latest Twitpic

Aug 21st 2013 12:16PM

Lea Michele seems to be doing better in her latest twitpics as she gets her glam on with her team. The photos seem candid, and more importantly, she... Read More

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'Glee' Creator on Cory Monteith Tribute: Finn's Death Will Not be Drug Overdose

Aug 15th 2013 3:27PM

How will 'Glee' address Cory Monteith's death and his character, Finn Hudson? Show creator Ryan Murphy weighs in what fans can expect in the special... Read More

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Lea Michele Dedicates Teen Choice Award to Cory Monteith: Watch Her Emotional Speech

Aug 11th 2013 9:53PM

Watch Lea Michele's emotional acceptance speech at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, where she dedicated her award to boyfriend Cory Monteith, saying,... Read More