Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato got her start on the children's television show Barney and Friends at age 7, but became a household name when she starred in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock as Mitchie opposite Joe Jonas. She then starred in her own Disney Channel series Sonny with a Chance for two seasons.

Her debut album Don't Forget was released in 2008. She also opened for her Camp Rock co-stars and friends the Jonas Brothers that year. She went on to release her sophomore album Here We Go Again in 2009, followed by the albums Unbroken in 2011 and Demi in 2013.

Demi went to rehab in 2010, but came back stronger and continues to be a huge inspiration to her fans. Demi has an honest relationship with her supporters, as she's opened up about her struggles with eating disorders, self-harm and depression, as well as drug and alcohol abuse.

Demi's hit songs include "Heart Attack," "Skyscraper," "Give Your Heart a Break" and "Don't Forget." Aside from focusing on music in recent years, she also was featured as a judge on the reality competition show The X Factor and guest starred in a several episodes of the popular television series Glee.

Demi used to make YouTube videos with her former BFF Selena Gomez, who she first met in their home state of Texas. Demi and Selena co-stared on Barney and Friends together and both went on to star in their own Disney Channel shows, as well as co-star in their own Disney Channel movie, Princess Protection Program. Their on-and-off friendship has been closely followed in the media. 

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Demi Lovato Gets Inspirational on Twitter: "Everyone Struggles and It's Okay to Be Flawed"

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Demi Lovato Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, With Five Buckets!

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Demi Lovato on Selena Gomez Friendship Ending: "People Change and Grow Apart"

Aug 15th 2014 8:21AM

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VIDEO: Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama's "Monster" Date Night

Aug 11th 2014 9:00PM

It took a monster of a show for Demi Lovato and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama to come out of hiding! Soon after rumors of a breakup were put to bed,... Read More

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Demi Lovato Slams "Feud" With Jenner Sisters, But What About Her Reported Beef With Selena Gomez?

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Demi Lovato 'Really Don't Care' 2014 Teen Choice Awards Starts With Technical Glitch?

Aug 10th 2014 8:30PM

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Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama Breakup Rumors Shot Down

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Demi Lovato Gets Ready for Shark Week With Throwback Video, Bikini Pics

Aug 5th 2014 11:27PM

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Nick Jonas Reveals Demi Lovato "Avalanche" Duet Details: "There's Always Music For Us Together"

Jul 31st 2014 2:55PM

Nick Jonas recently confirmed that he and Demi Lovato have recorded a duet and it'll be on his upcoming album (we're still breathing in a paper bag... Read More

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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Duet Confirmed for His New Album

Jul 30th 2014 10:03AM

If you thought the "Chains" music video was the most exciting Nick Jonas news of the day...brace yourselves for this one: Demi Lovato is confirmed to... Read More

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Demi Lovato Talks Drug Addiction, Getting Sober: "A Huge Weight Has Been Lifted"

Jul 28th 2014 11:27AM

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Demi Lovato Shows Off Short Haircut: Loving Her New Style!

Jul 26th 2014 10:42PM

As we know, Demi Lovato loves to change things up (and often) when it comes to her hair. But rather than trying on another hair dye color, she went... Read More

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Demi Lovato "Cut Selena Gomez Off For Good" According to Report: BFF Breakup Rumors Swirl

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Demi Lovato Hair Dying Secrets Revealed: Her Next Color Choice Might Surprise You

Jul 22nd 2014 10:20AM

Demi Lovato loves to change up her hair color, but how does she decide which hue to dye it each time? We know that we're on the edge of our seats... Read More

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Demi Lovato 'Really Don't Care' Cover: Same Bikini as Miley Cyrus' Selfie Pic?

Jul 21st 2014 9:56AM

While most of the Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus comparisons have gotten old, here's one that we can't ignore. Demi wore the same bikini top for her... Read More

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Demi Lovato Shares Message of Love, Equality on Twitter: "Stop Judging People"

Jul 19th 2014 9:25PM

Here's Demi Lovato, just being awesome, as usual. Demi recently recorded a PSA for same sex marriage, but she's taken to Twitter to share a message of... Read More

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Demi Lovato Teases Duet With Nick Jonas? Peep the Mystery Pic!

Jul 14th 2014 7:37PM

Demi Lovato, you have our attention. Over the weekend, Demi teased a newly recorded duet and we are literally on pins and needles waiting for her to... Read More

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Demi Lovato Eats Pizza With President Obama, Shares Marriage Equality Message

Jul 10th 2014 10:41AM

Demi Lovato just keeps racking up the cool points. Case in point, not only has she just released a new video about marriage equality, she also had a... Read More

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Demi Lovato Suffers Ankle Injury Again, Shares Pic of Swollen Ankle on Twitter

Jul 7th 2014 9:50AM

Demi Lovato hurt her ankle again, but it's not quite so serious as the last time. We have to wonder if Demi isn't a little bit accident-prone... Read More

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Demi Lovato: Sense of Humor is So Vulgar, It's Like a Sausage-fest in Her Brain

Jul 4th 2014 10:09AM

Oh what we'd give to hang out for a day with Demi Lovato, especially when she dishes on just how inappropriate her sense of humor is. We're kind of in... Read More

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Demi Lovato Tweets 'Bye B**ch' Meme and Wilmer Valderrama Twitter Hacked

Jul 3rd 2014 11:21PM

Rumors of Demi Lovato drama started swirling after she posted a meme featuring her swimming, with the words "Swimming away from your bulls**t, bye... Read More

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Demi Lovato Unfollows Selena Gomez on Twitter: What's Going On?

Jul 3rd 2014 2:08PM

Something is going down in young Hollywood. Demi Lovato just did the ultimate BFF no-no, and unfollowed Selena Gomez on Twitter. Burn. What's even... Read More

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Demi Lovato Shares Touching Tribute to Her Gay Grandfather

Jun 28th 2014 10:55PM

Demi Lovato is opening up about her gay grandfather. During Logo TV's "Trailblazers" special this week, the "Heart Attack" crooner revealed why she... Read More

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Demi Lovato's "Really Don't Care" Music Video Includes Boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama!

Jun 26th 2014 2:24PM

We've seen the teasers, now watch Demi Lovato's full "Really Don't Care" music video, which debuted today. We hate to throw "epic" around too often,... Read More

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Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato Starting a Band? Listen to Nick's New Song

Jun 26th 2014 12:58PM

Nick Jonas has a new song? Well, he teased fans with the tiniest bit of a new tune, but post-Jonas Brothers breakup music will always grab our... Read More

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Demi Lovato on Girl Crush Amber Heard: "She's Gorgeous"

Jun 26th 2014 10:21AM

Demi Lovato's got a girl crush, y'all and she chose wisely. She might have to fight Johnny Depp for her though - we're talking about the lovely... Read More

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Demi Lovato's Latest Twitter Inspiration: "I Laugh More Sober Than I Ever Did Wasted"

Jun 25th 2014 5:15PM

Demi Lovato took to Twitter to share a thankful thought for the day – listen up, because this is a good one. She tweeted about enjoying life... Read More

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Demi Lovato and Ed Sheeran Duet Update: Demi Dishes on New Song

Jun 25th 2014 2:26PM

Demi Lovato talked with MTV recently to dish on that amazing "Give Me Love" duet with Ed Sheeran and their upcoming collaboration. If you thought she... Read More

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Demi Lovato Flips Off Paparazzi, Fires Off Twitter Rant at Paps

Jun 24th 2014 10:46AM

Demi Lovato not only flipped off the paparazzi yesterday, she also took to Twitter to explain her position. And, we hear ya, Demi. Some of these... Read More