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Do The Craze
Welcome to the Tasting Room! We hope you're hungry to create--or just consume--the coolest user-generated content ever! Check out our Do The Craze contest featuring iJustine, Crazes Around the Web, the Riddles Room and Custom Badges. Come back often. There's always something new to taste.
Do The Craze

iJustine Interviews the Do the Craze "Awkward Photo" Grand Prize Winner!

Mar 14th 2013 1:29PM

Jessica submitted this funny pic of herself with Demi Lovato. And iJustine gets all the scoop on how the photo opp happened.... Read More

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Announcing the Winner of "EPIC FAILS" Do the Craze 3! Could It Be You?

Nov 1st 2012 4:30PM

Hey, Crazers! Thanks for submitting your EPIC FAILS. They were seriously, well, epic. But, after careful thought and lots of laughs, we finally... Read More

awkward photos, do the craze

Do the Craze 4: Can Your Awkward Photos Beat These? There's Still Time to Enter!

Oct 24th 2012 7:16PM

Do the Craze 4 is all about awkward photos and so far, we've seen some great ones! You guys have clearly taken a lot of weird pics is your life.... Read More

do the craze, Parker Young, riddles room, Suburgatory

"Riddle Master" Parker Young Enters the Riddles Room!

Oct 11th 2012 5:13PM

Find out who Suburgatory star Parker Young could never steal a scene from!... Read More

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So Epically Awkward! 'Dancing With the Stars' Top 5 Falls!

Oct 5th 2012 10:00AM

Check out the top 5 falls from Dancing with the Stars!... Read More

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AWKWARD Has Never Been So AWESOME! Submit Your Awkward Pics for a Chance to Win $3K and a Trip to LA!

Oct 1st 2012 3:55PM

Let's face it: Not every pic can be a gem.... Read More

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Have You Watched the Most Viewed Video in History of You Tube Yet?

Oct 1st 2012 3:00PM

Let us know what you think of fall's hit song!... Read More

do the craze, miley cyrus

So Awkward! Flava Flav Mistakes Miley for Gwen and More of Our Favorite Celebrity Bloopers!

Sep 30th 2012 9:00AM

What happened when Miley Cyrus met Flava Flav?... Read More

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Big Time Rush Photobomb the Winner of Cambio's Do the Craze 2 Contest!

Sep 27th 2012 4:07PM

Trumpets, please! After sifting through dozens of hilarious photobombing pics, we finally have a winner of the $1,000 cash prize. And it is...... Read More

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Cambio's Epic Fail Contest: Check Out iJustine's Top Picks So Far!

Sep 24th 2012 4:26PM

From awful manicures to face planting on ice, we've seen some pretty hilarious epic fails... Read More

crazes around the web, do the craze, nicki minaj, pitch perfect

'Pitch Perfect' Cast Covers Nicki Minaj in New YouTube Mashup Video

Sep 19th 2012 6:13PM

It's seriously so cute! Click to watch!... Read More

do the craze, Epic fail, Fashion Week

In Honor of New York Fashion Week 2012, Here are Some Epic Runway Fails!

Sep 13th 2012 5:00PM

Ouch! You know these had to hurt!... Read More

crazes around the web, do the craze

Best of the Web: So You Think Your Baby Can Dance?

Sep 9th 2012 8:37AM

Get ready to smile!... Read More

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Doh! Check Out This Hilarious Epic Video Game Fail

Sep 4th 2012 10:15AM

How many times has your mom told you, "Don't stand so close to the TV?"... Read More

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Epic Fail: iJustine Shows You How to Enter Your Best One for a Chance to Win Big!

Sep 1st 2012 12:11PM

We've all had EPIC FAILS. But now there's a way to put a positive spin on your biggest snafus!... Read More

do the craze, epic fail

Don't Try This at Home: Trampoline Epic Fails!

Sep 1st 2012 9:00AM

What's missing from this photo? The person who flew out of frame!... Read More

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Last Day to Enter: Get Your Photobomb On Before It's Too Late!

Aug 28th 2012 7:45PM

Okay, Crazers. We've seen some ah-mazing photobombing submissions, but we are still dying to see more... Read More

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Pittsburgh Steelers Make Their Own "Call Me Maybe" Video

Aug 21st 2012 10:45AM

Get your terrible towels out and ready for a sing-along!... Read More