Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran is a Grammy nominated English singer, best known for his hits "The A Team" and "Lego House." Ed first made a splash in the U.S. in 2012 and enjoyed huge success with his album +. He’s also written songs for One Direction and toured with Taylor Swift.
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Demi Lovato Sings "Give Me Love" and Ed Sheeran's a Fan!

Apr 15th 2014 10:12AM

Demi Lovato's iHeartRadio Live concert didn't disappoint--and neither did her cover of Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love." Yep, she nailed it. And she gained... Read More

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Ed Sheeran's Shocking Drug Confession

Apr 11th 2014 4:21PM

Since when does Ed Sheeran do drugs? We know he likes to get his drink on every once in awhile, but his latest confession kind of surprised us, not... Read More

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Ed Sheeran's "Drunk In Love" Cover Is Better Than Beyonce's Original (LISTEN)

Apr 11th 2014 3:31PM

Ed Sheeran blessed us with his Beyonce "Drunk In Love" cover a few weeks ago, and now we get to hear the awesomeness in its entirety. The ginger... Read More

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Oh Snap, Ed Sheeran's Had a Girlfriend for Six Months?!

Apr 8th 2014 7:19PM

Whoa. Ed Sheeran has a girlfriend? Since when? According to The Sun, Ed has been dating model and singer Athina Andrelos for six months. The two of... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Debuts New Song Produced by Pharrell (LISTEN)

Apr 8th 2014 1:00PM

Finally. Ed Sheeran just released a new song and like always, it's pretty catchy. What's better than being penned by the red-headed singer himself,... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Sings to Teenage Fan Battling Cystic Fibrosis Minutes Before Her Death

Apr 2nd 2014 6:39PM

So sad, yet so sweet. Ed Sheeran made his fan's life when he sang to her just moments before she passed away. Just days ago, the "Lego House"... Read More

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5 Things to Know About Nina Nesbitt (Plus the Awesome Way She Met Ed Sheeran)

Mar 23rd 2014 9:00AM

Why'd it take us this long to find out about Nina Nesbitt? We don't know. But we sure are glad she gave us a call. Turns out, the girl from Ed... Read More

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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez: No Longer Friends Because of Justin Bieber...and Ed Sheeran?

Mar 12th 2014 4:02PM

Taylor Swift doesn't suffer from Bieber fever, that's for sure. The country singing queen despises Justin Bieber so much that she is reportedly... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Covers Beyonce's "Drunk In Love" (WATCH)

Mar 6th 2014 12:30PM

Is there a song Ed Sheeran can't make sound awesome? The red headed singer recently covered an already spectacular song and made it sound better than... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Says That the One Direction Guys Need More Burgers in Their Lives

Mar 5th 2014 7:28PM

The One Direction guys don't need a personal trainer or nutritionist, they have their buddy Ed Sheeran to help them out with their physiques. During a... Read More

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Don't Be Mad Taylor Swift, Your BFF Ed Sheeran Sported Your Enemy's Signature Shoes to the Oscars

Mar 3rd 2014 10:12PM

Taylor Swift's best guy friend Ed Sheeran stunned everyone at Elton John's Oscars party when he showed up wearing shoes that matched his hair. The... Read More

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Watch Taylor Swift Sing With Harry Styles' Ex...and Ed Sheeran Too

Feb 6th 2014 7:57PM

Taylor Swift ditched Prince William and Bon Jovi this time and decided to have a singalong with her British pals instead. The "I KNew You Were... Read More

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Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift Sing 'Lego House' at Her London Show (WATCH!)

Feb 4th 2014 12:15AM

When Taylor Swift wasn't trying to shake off a creepy man fan at her recent London show, she was performing with her buddy Ed Sheeran. Totally not... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Portrays Lindsay Lohan in Hilarious 'Mean Girls' Spoof (WATCH!)

Jan 31st 2014 12:48AM

Get ready to laugh! In a new spoof put together by Amber Rose, our buddy Ed Sheeran portrays Lindsay Lohan in the epic film Mean Girls ...and it's... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Got Taylor Swift's Approval on New Album, Plus Ed's a New Dad?

Jan 26th 2014 6:28PM

Check out what Ed Sheeran said about Taylor Swift's role on his new album. Ed dished about what songs we can expect when he chatted with Ryan... Read More

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Who Does Taylor Swift Really Want To Win a Grammy?

Jan 25th 2014 9:40PM

Taylor Swift recently revealed who she wants to win a Grammy Award Sunday night and you might be surprised by her answer!... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Says There Won't Be a Duet With Taylor Swift on His New Album

Jan 8th 2014 8:40PM

Well, you can count this one as the first "bummer" of 2014! Ed Sheeran just revealed that there will NOT be a duet with Taylor Swift on his upcoming... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Announces U.K. and Ireland Tour Dates!

Jan 6th 2014 4:56PM

Couldn't wait for that big Ed Sheeran announcement this morning? Neither could we! The red-headed singer just announced what we expected him to...a... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Teases Fans With Upcoming Big Announcement Tweet

Jan 3rd 2014 5:19PM

Ed Sheeran has a surprise up his sleeve for us and the rest of his fans! The red-headed singer teased his followers on Twitter by saying he has an... Read More

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Ed Sheeran To Be On Christina Perri's New Song Called "Be My Forever"

Dec 30th 2013 2:38PM

We can't think of a better way to start off the new year than with a fresh Ed Sheeran tune! Our favorite ginger is a part of Christina Perri's new... Read More

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Lupe Fiasco and Ed Sheeran Reveal "Old School Love" Music Video (WATCH!)

Dec 10th 2013 4:30PM

Does Ed Sheeran ever take a break? The red headed singer not only has been hanging out with Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston but he just released... Read More

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Is Courteney Cox Crushing on Ed Sheeran?

Dec 5th 2013 5:17PM

Ed Sheeran is quite the ladies man! Not only does he hang out with some of the most beautiful and famous girls in the world but it seems like he also... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Spends Thanksgiving With Special 'Friend' Jennifer Aniston

Nov 30th 2013 1:12PM

Move over Taylor Swift, it looks like Ed Sheeran has more famous friends than you now! Not only did the red headed singer recently reveal that he... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Lives at Courteney Cox's House?!

Nov 23rd 2013 1:36PM

Most random celebrity friendship ever? British singer Ed Sheeran and Friends actress Courteney Cox are basically BFFs! The red-headed singer posted a... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Calls For a One Direction and The Wanted Truce

Nov 11th 2013 2:52PM

Ed Sheeran might have a girlfriend now but there's still one thing he really, really wants! In a recent interview with The Sun, The Wanted' Tom Parker... Read More

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Watch Ed Sheeran, Lorde and More: VH1 "You Oughta Know in Concert" Livestream Monday!

Nov 8th 2013 3:07PM

Ready to see Ed Sheeran, Lorde, the Lumineers and more music stars perform live all in one place? Don't miss our livestream of VH1's "You Oughta... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Releases New 'I See Fire' Single and Video (WATCH!)

Nov 6th 2013 11:20AM

Gingers rejoice! Ed Sheeran just released his first solo single in two years and like always, we're in love! The new song is called "I See Fire" and... Read More

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Taylor Swift Reportedly Introduced Ed Sheeran to His New Girlfriend

Oct 30th 2013 1:44AM

Taylor Swift can add matchmaker to her resume now! Although she's not too worried about her own love life, Tay obviously enjoys helping her friends... Read More

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Teen Mom 3 Star Brittany DeJesus Gets Unique Ed Sheeran Tattoo (PIC!)

Oct 23rd 2013 2:23PM

Farrah Abraham isn't the only 'Teen Mom 3' star to recently get inked! Briana DeJesus' sister, Brittany, just got a new tattoo and it's probably one... Read More

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Falling Stars...On Stage!

Oct 15th 2013 8:09PM

We all have our clumsy days, but perhaps these stars should consider investing in a few ballet classes? Take a peek at the celebs who lost their... Read More