Francesca Eastwood

francesca eastwood

Francesca Eastwood Getting Annulment After Quickie Wedding

Nov 25th 2013 7:21PM

It looks like Francesca Eastwood wants her wedding annulled just one week after tying the knot. Find out what the reality star said when she was asked... Read More

francesca eastwood

Francesca Eastwood Marries Jonah Hill's Brother in Vegas

Nov 22nd 2013 5:27PM

It looks like Francesca Eastwood is the latest Hollywood starlet to have a quickie wedding in Las Vegas. Get the details of the starlet's nuptials to... Read More

francesca eastwood, manika

Which Reality TV Star is in Manika's New Music Video? (WATCH!)

Jul 19th 2012 5:00PM

You might've seen her on tour with One Direction!... Read More