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Now THESE Are Girl Push-Ups! Watch This 10-Year-Old Show Everyone How It's Done

Sep 18th 2014 11:59AM

During an Active Heroes fundraiser in North Carolina on September 6, the JROTC had set up a fun contest where people could challenge one of their... Read More

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'Girls' Star Allison Williams Is Going to Play Peter Pan in 'Peter Pan Live'

Jul 30th 2014 3:41PM

Allison Williams is going from New York City to Neverland. The Girls star, who plays struggling single Marnie Michaels on the hit HBO show, is... Read More

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Why Is Doing Something "Like a Girl" Such a Bad Thing?

Jul 1st 2014 1:00AM

"You hit like a fight like a run like a throw like a girl." So what?! Are you insulting us? What's so wrong with... Read More


What a Little Girl Hears When She's Told She's Pretty

Jun 28th 2014 4:26PM

Could calling a little girl "pretty," telling her to stay clean during playtime or advising her to let boys deal with the "hard stuff" make a... Read More

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First Look at 'Girls' Third Season (Video)

Aug 24th 2013 8:29AM

Check out the just released teaser for 'Girls' season 3! In the video, we see all our favorite characters, except for Marnie's former boyfriend,... Read More

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Golden Globes 2013: Best Television Series--Comedy or Musical Nonimees (Which Gets Your Vote?)

Dec 13th 2012 3:16PM

... Read More