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James Franco
James Franco is an actor, filmmaker, teacher and author. He first landed a role on the TV series Freaks and Geeks, before breaking into films. James has starred in Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Pineapple Express, 127 Hours, Spring Breakers and Oz the Great and Powerful.
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This Is Why James Franco Is Single...According to James Franco

Oct 2nd 2014 12:30AM

James Franco may be an acclaimed actor, but when it comes to finding a girlfriend, he hasn't had much success. Although the star seems charismatic,... Read More

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James Franco Shaves His Head...Hot or Not?

Sep 4th 2014 9:17AM

Bald and beautiful? The jury is still out on James Franco's latest look. The Spring Breakers star completely buzzed off his hair for his upcoming... Read More

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James Franco Does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Half Naked!

Aug 19th 2014 10:55AM

James Franco took off his pants for his ALS ice bucket challenge video, appearing half-naked with a Moby Dick t-shirt on. Well played, James. First... Read More

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James Franco Pulls an Adam Levine, Shows Off His New Blonde 'Do on Instagram

Aug 12th 2014 10:25PM

James Franco...is that you?! The This Is the End actor showed off a new, lighter 'do on Instagram Monday, popping up with blonde locks and a short... Read More

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James Franco Pranks Bro Dave Franco With Fake Zac Efron Dating Article

Jul 27th 2014 9:30AM

James Franco, 1. Dave Franco, 0. When it comes to pranks, the This is the End star sure can pull a great one. The jack of many trades totally... Read More

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James Franco Flashes His Bare Butt on Broadway

Jun 24th 2014 12:10PM

We've already almost seen a full frontal shot of James Franco‚Äč thanks to the nearly naked selfie he Instagrammed then deleted, but now we've got a... Read More

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Yikes! North Korea Is Not Amused By Seth Rogen or James Franco

Jun 23rd 2014 11:50PM

Something tells us the North Korean government won't be singing Seth Rogen and James Franco's praises anytime soon. After government officials... Read More

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What Do Emma Roberts and Gia Coppola Think of James Franco? Their Answers Might Surprise You

May 15th 2014 8:06PM

Lately James Franco has made his biggest headlines for posting almost nude selfies and asking out a 17-year-old girl on Instagram. So you might be... Read More

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James Franco on Undies Selfie: "It's What the People Want!"

May 9th 2014 2:22PM

When James Franco recently Instagrammed a provocative pic of him in his undies with his hand cupping his crotch, many people thought he went too far.... Read More

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5 Celebs Who Need to Stop Taking Selfies

May 4th 2014 9:47AM

Hey, Hollywood: we're sick of your selfies! From James Franco's blink-and-it's-gone bathroom undies shot to Justin Bieber's perpetually shirtless selfies, these five overexposed celebs need to cool... Read More

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James Franco Posts, Then Deletes, Nearly Naked Pic

May 2nd 2014 1:03PM

Apparently even James Franco has limits on his social media selfie sharing. The Spring Breakers actor posted this nearly naked photo of himself with... Read More

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James Franco Swears He Never Slept With "Delusional" Lindsay Lohan

May 1st 2014 12:25PM

James Franco admitted to trying to pick up a teenage girl on Instagram, but he refuses to cop to sleeping with Lindsay Lohan, despite the fact that... Read More

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James Franco Takes Shirtless Selfie in Bed With Keegan Allen

Apr 24th 2014 9:33AM

Can someone pinch us please? Are we dreaming, or did James Franco really post this shirtless selfie snuggled up in bed with Pretty Little Liars'... Read More

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James Franco Drops Bombshells About Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wedding

Apr 23rd 2014 3:22PM

We've watched James Franco and Seth Rogen's genius parody of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's "Bound 2" video so many times, but can you imagine seeing... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan Admits Supposed Sex List Was Real, She's Slept With Zac Efron, James Franco, More

Apr 18th 2014 12:24PM

Remember that "sex list" that reportedly belonged to Lindsay Lohan, naming all the guys she's slept with, including Zac Efron, James Franco, Justin... Read More

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James Franco "Embarrassed" He Hit on 17-Year-Old Girl Online

Apr 4th 2014 12:09PM

Although we thought perhaps it was a marketing ploy for his new movie, James Franco is actually fessing up to attempting to seduce a 17-year-old via... Read More

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Did James Franco Try to Hook Up With an Underage Girl on Instagram?

Apr 3rd 2014 12:00PM

For James Franco's next role, he'll be playing a sketchy guy trying to pick up a girl 18 years younger than him via Instagram. Oh wait, apparently,... Read More

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Celebs React to KimYe's Vogue Cover: Seth Rogen and James Franco Spoof, Sarah Michelle Gellar Throws Shade

Mar 24th 2014 12:19PM

It was bound to happen! Seth Rogen and James Franco first parodied Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Bound 2 music video and now they've done it again,... Read More

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James Franco Cuddles With a Pup on "The Interview" Set

Dec 2nd 2013 12:24PM

Aww! James Franco was spotted cuddling an adorable puppy on the set of The Interview, an upcoming comedy flick that he stars in with Seth Rogen. Why... Read More

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5 Celebrity Tidbits We're Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Nov 28th 2013 8:00AM

Happy Thanksgiving! If it's one thing we're thankful for this holiday season, it's these star-studded tidbits. From Seth Rogen and James Franco's... Read More

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Watch James Franco and Seth Rogen Spoof Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's 'Bound 2' Video

Nov 25th 2013 4:10PM

James Franco straddles a topless Seth Rogen on a motorcycle and just like Kim and Kanye in their own remake of the rappers' 'Bound 2' music video... Read More

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James Franco Helps Fan Get Back at Her Ex With PDA Pic

Oct 18th 2013 1:31PM

Coolest guy ever? Actor James Franco healed a young girl's heartbreak during an Oct. 7 photo shoot at a private Beverly Hills home. Find out what he... Read More

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Ashley Benson and James Franco Make Selena Gomez Video...Watch!

Mar 26th 2013 9:51AM

Spring Breakers costar cover Selena's 'Love You Like A Love Song' in new parody video... Read More

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James Franco and Ashley Benson Hold Hands at SXSW!

Mar 14th 2013 10:38AM

Spring Breakers costars are spotted holding hands in Austin...plus, did James dedicate a show to her?... Read More

2013 SXSW, Ashley Benson, James Franco, Selena Gomez, Spring Breakers, SXSW, Vanessa Hudgens

Selena Gomez & Ashley Benson Premiere 'Spring Breakers' at SXSW!

Mar 11th 2013 9:55AM

The cast hits Austin to screen their new movie, but where was Vanessa Hudgens?... Read More

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James Franco Responds to Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" Parody Video Drama!

Jan 21st 2013 2:10PM

You might be surprised by what he said! We were!... Read More

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'Spring Breakers' Trailer: Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens Like You've Never Seen Them Before! (WATCH!)

Jan 17th 2013 3:40PM

Do you think you'll go see it when it comes out?... Read More

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James Franco and Ashley Benson Make Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" Parody Video! (WATCH!)

Jan 8th 2013 12:00PM

Peep it here!... Read More

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'Oz: The Great and Powerful' Trailer Starring Mila Kunis, James Franco and Michelle Williams (WATCH!)

Nov 23rd 2012 1:15PM


Ashley Benson, James Franco, Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez

Ashley Benson and James Franco Dating? James Not Dating Selena Gomez, Ashley, OR Kristen Stewart!

Oct 24th 2012 5:00PM

James Franco dating Ashley Benson? Read his take on the dating buzz!... Read More