Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is best known for her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games trilogy, as well as starring in Winter's Bone and Silver Linings Playbook. Jennifer has also starred in X Men: First Class and X Men: Days of Future Past, playing Mystique.
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Jennifer Lawrence's Funniest Faces!

Jan 20th 2014 3:20PM

LOL! The award winning American Hustle actress had us cracking up as she mugged for the cameras during the SAG Awards... Read More

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Nicholas Hoult Does Sundance Sans Jennifer Lawrence

Jan 20th 2014 2:46PM

While Jennifer Lawrence was attending and winning at the Screen Actor's Guild awards, her man made the Sundance scene in Park City... Read More

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Forget #Lawrencing! Jennifer Lawrence Was All About the 'Armpit Vagina' at the SAG Awards

Jan 18th 2014 9:15PM

Leave it to Jennifer Lawrence to make us L-O-L during the SAG awards red carpet tonight! No, this time she wasn't #lawrencing anyone either! While... Read More

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#jlawphotobomb Fun: Jennifer Lawrence Photobombs Grumpy Cat and More in Hilarious Meme

Jan 17th 2014 2:58PM

Check out the best Jennifer Lawrence photobombs, courtesy of the brilliant hashtag #jlawphotobomb. See Jennifer photobombing grumpy cat, 'Mean... Read More

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Mini Jennifer Lawrence, Sofia Vergara: See the Kid Versions of Golden Globes Red Carpet Favorites

Jan 16th 2014 4:11PM

Check out some of the 2014 Golden Globes red carpet fashions--in miniature form, with these pics from Celebs include Jennifer... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams Score Oscar Noms: See the Full List of Nominees!

Jan 16th 2014 1:39PM

Golden Globe winners Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence both get Academy Award nominations! See what other stars are up for the 2014 Oscars... Read More

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Celebs, Beware! Photobomb Queen Jennifer Lawrence Is on the Loose

Jan 16th 2014 1:22PM

From Liam Hemsworth to Taylor Swift, no A-list celebrity can escape Jennifer Lawrence's hilarious photobombs. Check out all of the silly babe's epic... Read More

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#Lawrencing: Jennifer Lawrence's Globes Dress Copied by Colton Haynes, Cats, Dogs!

Jan 14th 2014 11:11AM

LOL! Jen's white and black banded Dior Golden Globes dress inspires the internet, including Colton Haynes, pets and a Disney character, to recreate... Read More

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#Lawrencing! The Best Jennifer Lawrence Dress Memes

Jan 14th 2014 10:29AM

Jennifer Lawrence's unique poofy white and black banded Dior dress at the Golden Globes spawned a slew of Internet imitators. See our faves!... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence Vows to "Catch Up on My Drinking" Post-Globes Win

Jan 13th 2014 2:02PM

After snagging a Golden Globe, the American Hustle actress tells the press room backstage that she really needs a glass of wine... Read More

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Our 10 Favorite Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes Moments!

Jan 13th 2014 1:40PM

We really can't get enough of Jennifer Lawrence! Check out our top 10 favorite moments from JLaw's Golden Globes night.... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrences Kisses Nicholas Hoult After Golden Globes Win...See Her Speech!

Jan 13th 2014 11:13AM

Aww! When J. Law won a Golden Globe, she gave her on-again boyfriend and date Nicholas Hoult a big kiss before delivering her acceptance speech... Read More

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2014 Golden Globe Winners: Random Things You Didn't Hear Them Say on TV!

Jan 13th 2014 2:52AM

We were lucky enough to attend the 2014 Golden Globes and of course, we don't only want to tell you what all went down but we want to tell you about... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence Photobombs Taylor Swift (WATCH!)

Jan 12th 2014 9:43PM

It's "Six Degrees of Separation," Taylor Swift-style! OK, here's what went down. Taylor took a selfie with Sarah Hyland on New Year's Eve, then... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence Covers 'W', Explains Why She Tripped at Oscars

Jan 7th 2014 12:05PM

The Academy Award winning actress explains what made her trip while accepting her Oscar as she covers the latest issue of 'W' magazine... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence Presenting at Golden Globes, Makes Forbes' 30 Under 30

Jan 6th 2014 7:12PM

The American Hustle actress, who's nominated for another Golden Globe, is also set to present at the award and made Forbes' annual power list... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Have Pub Date Across the Pond

Jan 3rd 2014 11:03AM

The on-again costar couple is spotted enjoying a pub date night out while celebrating the holidays in the U.K...get the deets!... Read More

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Celebs Doing Good!

Dec 27th 2013 12:08PM

From making wishes come true to donating major money, these charitable stars know how important it is to give back!... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence Visits Louisville Children's Hospital

Dec 26th 2013 6:53PM

The Catching Fire starlet does some Christmas charity as she visits patients in a Kentucky children's hospital, but who's dissing J. Law now?... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence Beats Miley Cyrus as Entertainer of the Year

Dec 23rd 2013 7:30PM

The Hunger Games star beats Liam Hemsworth's ex-girlfriend for Entertainer of the Year as chosen by the Associated Press...see who else made the list!... Read More

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The Funniest Thing Jennifer Lawrence Never Said

Dec 23rd 2013 12:48PM

Jennifer Lawrence is always good for a quotable quote. Sometimes she says things that make us laugh out loud and sometimes she shares little bits of... Read More

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OMG! Jennifer Lawrence's Maid Found Her Sex Toys

Dec 19th 2013 3:08PM

Awkward! The Hunger Games star reveals how her maid played a prank after finding J. Law's butt plugs while cleaning her apartment... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence: "It Should Be Illegal to Call Someone Fat"

Dec 17th 2013 5:25PM

The Hunger Games starlet, who's been named of one of the Most 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013, explains why she hates the f word... Read More

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GIF Reveals Jennifer Lawrence's Photoshopped 'Flare' Magazine Cover

Dec 16th 2013 6:26PM

A magazine cover Jennifer Lawrence shot two years ago is making waves. Find out how a GIF circulating around the web reveals apparent photoshopping.... Read More

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Poor Harry Styles! Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't Know Who One Direction Is?!

Dec 12th 2013 5:32PM

Although Harry's admitted to crushing on The Hunger Games starlet, she says she doesn't know who One Direction is and admits to watching Keeping Up... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence Scores Golden Globe Nomination for 'American Hustle'

Dec 12th 2013 9:34AM

The Oscar winning actress is nominated for her third Golden Globe award and fourth Screen Actor's Guild award for her latest movie with Bradley Cooper... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence on Staying Grounded, Wanting a Normal Life

Dec 6th 2013 4:27PM

Jennifer Lawrence may be an A list star that can have everything she wants, but she most wishes for a normal life. Find out how Jennifer stays... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence Didn't Like Her 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Premiere Dress

Nov 24th 2013 11:57AM

Jennifer Lawrence holds nothing back when it comes to...well, anything! The adorably candid 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' star recently told late... Read More

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Liam Hemsworth "Much Happier" Single Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence?!

Nov 22nd 2013 11:45AM

Two months after breaking off his engagement to Miley Cyrus, the 23-year-old Australian actor says his Hunger Games costar helps him be a "much... Read More

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Why Did Jennifer Lawrence Go to the Hospital? Watch Her TMI Interview!

Nov 21st 2013 10:56AM

The Catching Fire actress was forced to cancel promotional TV appearances Wednesday to go to the emergency room for severe stomach is she... Read More