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Shailene Woodley and Jimmy Fallon Play "Pumpkin Time Bomb" (Watch)

Oct 16th 2014 2:40PM

We love Shailene Woodley so much, it hurts...and clips like this just reinforce why we feel the way we do. The Divergent star stopped by the... Read More

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Miles Teller Shows Off Drum Skills, Cements His Crushworthy Status

Oct 3rd 2014 10:00AM

Sometimes Miles Teller says dumb things like dissing his own Divergent franchise, but then he goes and makes up for it by doing something totally... Read More

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Jimmy Fallon and Meghan Trainor Perform Classroom Instruments Version of "All About That Bass" and It's Surprisingly Awesome

Sep 5th 2014 12:20PM

Meghan Trainor appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night to do his classroom instruments segment where they performed her hit song... Read More

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Watch Adam Levine Take on Jimmy Fallon's Musical Impressions Challenge and Nail It

Sep 4th 2014 1:30AM

We already knew Adam Levine had a killer voice, but we weren't aware that he has a ton of awesome musical impressions in his repertoire. The... Read More

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Lindsay Lohan Accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge During Surprise Cameo on The Tonight Show

Aug 21st 2014 11:20AM

First of all, what are all of those rumors that Lindsay Lohan isn't doing all that great with her new, healthier lifestyle? The 28-year-old did... Read More

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Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon Make a Human Hamster Roll and Nail It

Jul 9th 2014 11:30PM

This is wild. We're not sure what kicked this off, but for some reason Halle Berry decided to do a hamster roll with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight... Read More

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Jennifer Lopez Makes Up For Jennifer Lawrence Diss by Dancing With Jimmy Fallon

Jun 17th 2014 2:19PM

Jimmy Fallon finally got his dance with Jennifer Lopez. The "Booty" crooner cut a rug with the late night host when she appeared on the Tonight... Read More

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Jimmy Fallon Makes Us Glad We Weren't Invited to Kim Kardashian's Wedding

May 14th 2014 4:57PM

Didn't get your KimYe wedding invite in the mail? Don't worry, thanks to Jimmy Fallon, we don't have to feel bad about being snubbed by Kim Kardashian... Read More

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Zac Efron Dresses in Drag With Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon for "Ew!" Skit

May 7th 2014 10:18AM

Who knew Zac Efron was such a pretty girl?! The Neighbors star and his cast mate Seth Rogen donned drag on The Tonight Show to play teenage girls in... Read More

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Stevie Nicks and Jimmy Fallon Totally Nailed This Present-Day Throwback

Apr 10th 2014 1:48AM

Stevie Nicks appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night and all she really had to do was step out on the stage and we would have... Read More

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Jimmy Fallon Recreates 'First Kiss' Video With Puppies and Kittens: It's Insanely Adorable

Mar 14th 2014 10:07AM

Earlier this week, the "First Kiss" viral video had people divided about whether it was awkward or beautiful...but then we found out it was models... Read More

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Shailene Woodley Brings Jimmy Fallon Embarrassing Gift

Mar 13th 2014 11:16AM

Is that a horseradish or are you just excited to see us? Shailene Woodley managed to embarrass Jimmy Fallon on his show last night by bringing him... Read More

jimmy fallon, photobomb

Fans Get Photobombed by Jimmy Fallon and It's Amazing

Mar 11th 2014 12:27PM

Seriously, Jimmy Fallon would be the funnest friend ever! In this segment from last night's installment of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the... Read More

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Jimmy Fallon and Lindsay Lohan Play a Drinking Game...With Water

Mar 7th 2014 1:14PM

What would beer pong be like without the beer...or the pong? Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Fallon have decided to find out the answer to the question... Read More

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Jimmy Fallon and LeBron James Teach Us How to Play Wastepaper Basketball

Feb 28th 2014 2:07PM

We've all done it, you get a little slaphappy during a long day at work and suddenly your co-workers turn into cubicle-dwelling competitors. In... Read More

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Jimmy Fallon 'Ew!' With Will Ferrell, Michelle Obama...and Harry Styles?

Feb 21st 2014 8:21AM

Jimmy Fallon brought back a fan favorite in his first week of the Tonight Show: "Ew!" And guests Will Ferrell and First Lady Michelle Obama joined... Read More

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Brian Williams Covers "Rapper's Delight" Without Even Knowing It

Feb 20th 2014 12:24PM

Who knew Brian Williams was such a stud? Not only is he an awesome news anchor, he also moonlights as a rapper. OK, not really, but in this amazing... Read More

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Kristen Wiig Impersonates Harry Styles on Jimmy Fallon: How Did She Do?

Feb 19th 2014 7:43AM

Kristen Wiig's impersonation of Harry Styles is...interesting. Kristen joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last night, for an interview as the... Read More

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Kim Kardashian Hangs With Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga

Feb 18th 2014 1:25PM

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in that greenroom! Kim Kardashian joined Mike Tyson, Joan Rivers, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tracy Morgan and... Read More

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Jimmy Fallon's Celebrity Friends Pay $100 Bet He'd Never Host Tonight Show

Feb 18th 2014 8:38AM

Jimmy Fallon's debut hosting gig on The Tonight Show got a little celebrity support last night. When Jimmy joked "To my buddy who said that I'd... Read More

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Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing: Twerking, The Carlton, and More

Feb 18th 2014 7:52AM

Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith rocked The Tonight Show with this hilarious "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing." Looks like Jimmy has found his groove on... Read More

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Which Monumental Moment in Drake's Career Did He Just Admit He Showed Up High To?

Jan 17th 2014 7:00PM

You won't believe what Drake revealed to Jimmy Fallon about his first ever DeGrassi audition! Check out their entire interview here!... Read More

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Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Steal the Show on 'SNL' (WATCH!)

Dec 22nd 2013 1:02PM

We could never forget Justin Timberlake's "Liquorville" Saturday Night Live skit with Lady Gaga, but now JT is back for a holiday-themed sketch, where... Read More

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Carrie Underwood Parodies "Wrecking Ball," Blurred Lines" and More!

Nov 29th 2013 4:58PM

The singer does hilarious holiday themed parodies of Wrecking Ball, Blurred Lines, Get Lucky and more with Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones. Watch now!... Read More

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Justin Timberlake: Jimmy Fallon Interrupted My Wedding Toast!

Apr 19th 2013 6:17PM

Singer shares story of how Jimmy began cracking jokes in the middle of his wedding to Jessica Biel... Read More

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Robert Pattinson Gets Soaked on Jimmy Fallon, Shows Off His Comedic Side

Nov 9th 2012 8:37AM

Robert Pattinson shows off his comedic side on Jimmy Fallon!... Read More

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Emmys 2012 Red Carpet: Jimmy Fallon Scores 3 of the Night's Funniest Lines!

Sep 23rd 2012 6:55PM

Here, our Top 5 Emmy red carpet arrivals quotes... Read More

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Miranda Cosgrove on Jimmy Fallon, Teases Special 'iCarly' Meets 'Late Night' Episode

May 22nd 2012 6:50AM

A special iCarly meets Late Night with Jimmy Fallon episode announced!... Read More

history of rap, history of rap part 3, jimmy fallon, jimmy fallon justin timberlake history of rap, justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Deliver 'The History of Rap' Part 3

Oct 29th 2011 5:30PM

Just when you thought Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon couldn't outdo themselves, they bring you the History of Rap Part 3.... Read More

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Hilarious Outtakes from Justin Bieber & Jimmy Fallon's 'Someday' Parody (Video)

Oct 1st 2011 10:15PM

Remember when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber made that hilarious parody commercial for the Biebs fragrance "Someday"? Well, get ready for another... Read More