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Katy Perry
Katy Perry got her start as a gospel singer before busting onto the pop music scene. Katy is best known for hit songs such as "I Kissed a Girl," "Hot n Cold," "Firework," and "Teenage Dream," as well as a short marriage to actor Russell Brand. She also briefly dated singer John Mayer.
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Katy Perry Says She Never Wanted to Be Famous

Aug 6th 2014 12:58PM

Katy Perry's Rolling Stone cover story was full of awesome info and things we never knew about the pop star. The tidbit that probably got the most... Read More

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Forget Nursery Rhymes, This Kid Just Wants to Hear Some Katy Perry

Aug 5th 2014 12:41PM

We totally feel ya, kid! This baby is mad and she's just gearing up to throw what probably would have been an epic tantrum, but then mom turns on... Read More

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Mom Punishes Daughter's Bad Behavior by Selling Her Katy Perry Tickets on Facebook

Aug 4th 2014 11:19PM

Well, this sucks. An 18-year-old learned a hard lesson when her mom decided to punish her in a very public way. And the public humiliation is not... Read More

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Katy Perry Releases "This Is How We Do" Video (WATCH)

Jul 31st 2014 1:15PM

Katy Perry has finally released her video for "This Is How We Do" and it's...well, weird. It actually feels a little 2012 Lady Gaga-ish to us,... Read More

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Katy Perry: It's 2014, I Can Have a Baby Without a Partner

Jul 30th 2014 5:05PM

Katy Perry's love life has had a lot of ups and downs. The pop star married Russell Brand in 2010 and after just two years together, they had already... Read More

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Man Arrested While Searching for Katy Perry at the Kennedy Compound

Jul 17th 2014 6:43PM

This guy really wanted to see Katy Perry in person, which we totally understand, but instead of buying a concert ticket like the rest of us do, he... Read More

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The Dark Reason Katy Perry Is Being Sued Over "Dark Horse"

Jul 3rd 2014 12:00PM

Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" music video caused a lot of controversy. In fact, the final product actually had to be modified because the content was... Read More

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Prince Harry Visits Children in Chile, Dances to Katy Perry's "Firework"

Jul 1st 2014 6:00AM

We know, we know...Prince William and Kate Middleton are absolutely amazing and perfect in every way, but if we had to pick one Royal to hang out... Read More

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Was Katy Perry Mocking Paris Hilton in Her "Birthday" Video?

Jun 26th 2014 4:08PM

Katy Perry just released previously unseen footage from her "Birthday" video, featuring the "Princess Mandee" character who looks REALLY familiar. ... Read More

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Katy Perry's Bleached Eyebrows: Hot or Not?

Jun 19th 2014 12:25PM

Whoa, girl! As if the green hair wasn't enough of a change, Katy Perry is now rocking barely-there eyebrows, thanks to some very careful bleaching. ... Read More

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A Tale of Two Hammocks: Did Katy Perry Bring DJ Diplo on Her Tropical Vacay?

Jun 10th 2014 1:17PM

We know Katy Perry enjoyed a tropical vacay last week. In fact, she shared a beautiful photo of herself laying in the sun showing off her incredible... Read More

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Katy Perry Shows Off Her Flawless Figure During Tropical Vacay

Jun 9th 2014 3:13PM

Dang, girl! We knew Katy Perry had been working hard on her body, but wow. In a recent interview with British magazine The Closer, Katy's trainer... Read More

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Katy Perry Opens Up About Relationships, Sex and the Lack Thereof

Jun 4th 2014 1:31PM

Katy Perry is making history this summer, as Cosmopolitan magazine's first ever global cover girl. The July issue (which was released on June 3)... Read More

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Selena Gomez Has a Girls Night Out With Cara Delevingne at Katy Perry's Show

May 31st 2014 8:58PM

What's the best way to get over your super famous ex-boyfriend? Hang out with your super famous friends at a Katy Perry concert, duh. That's... Read More

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"Queen" Adele Attends Katy Perry's London Show, Smiles for Selfie

May 29th 2014 2:29PM

Katy Perry had a royal guest in the house for her second London show on her Prismatic tour but it wasn't Prince William or Kate Middleton...it was... Read More

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Katy Perry Is Cosmopolitan's First Ever Global Cover Girl

May 28th 2014 1:21PM

Green hair, don't care! Katy Perry and her crazy-colored 'do are gracing the cover of every Cosmopolitan issue across the globe for their July 2014... Read More

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Katy Perry's Backstage Diva Demands Revealed

May 22nd 2014 3:25PM

We've seen some pretty strange tour riders. During Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour, for example, the pop star required white leather couches in her... Read More

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Who Is the Mystery Celeb in Katy Perry's Bondage-Themed Photo Shoot?

May 20th 2014 12:35PM

Katy Perry teased her Instagram followers with this cropped, bondage-themed photo from her upcoming V Magazine spread, except that the whole "guess... Read More

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2014 Billboard Music Awards Winners: Justin Timberlake, Lorde, Miley and More!

May 18th 2014 11:21PM

The Billboard Awards were tonight, and although some of the winners couldn't actually attend in person, they still entertained us remotely during... Read More

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Kylie Jenner Pulls a Katy Perry Again, Dyes Her Hair Blue

May 14th 2014 10:16AM

Blue hair, don't care! Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner showed off her new piercing and last night, she debuted a funky new hairdo on Instagram. It... Read More

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When Art Imitates Art: Is Katy Perry Copying Lady Gaga?

May 11th 2014 10:54AM

Earlier this week, Lady Gaga was less than thrilled when she thought that Katy Perry was stealing her ideas. First, the "Roar" singer dyed her hair... Read More

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Attention Pop Stars Everywhere: Lady Gaga Owns Everything She Has Ever Done

May 9th 2014 1:49PM

Apparently, Lady Gaga thinks she is the rightful owner of all things weird. The "Applause" singer is currently on tour and fellow pop star Katy Perry... Read More

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Katy Perry Accidentally Flashes Her Underwear During Concert

May 8th 2014 6:37PM

Katy Perry kicked off her 'Prismatic' world tour in Belfast, Northern Ireland on Wednesday night and while the concert seems to have gone pretty well,... Read More

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Is Katy Perry Ready to Meet Mr. and Mrs. DJ Diplo?

May 3rd 2014 1:07PM

Katy Perry was single for about five seconds before brand new romance rumors surfaced. There was a quick one about her and a rapper named Riff Raff... Read More

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You Will Never Listen to Katy Perry's "Roar" the Same Way Again

Apr 30th 2014 2:22PM

**Jump to 2:10 if you want to skip the small talk and get straight to the song** Katy Perry's "Roar" is all about empowerment and a**-kicking and... Read More

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What Makes Capital Cities Nervous? (Hint: It's Not Opening For Katy Perry!)

Apr 28th 2014 2:17PM

We felt safe and sound chatting it up with these guys. We went backstage to chat with festival veterans Sebu Simonian and Ryan Merchant of Capital... Read More

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Green Hair Does a Girl Good: Katy Perry Spotted With Super Cute DJ Diplo--Again

Apr 28th 2014 1:49PM

Katy Perry and DJ Diplo (real name: Wesley Pentz) were spotted getting cozy at Coachella earlier this month and while we couldn't help but wonder if... Read More

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One Direction, Katy Perry and More at Radio 1's Big Weekend: Katy's Crushing on Harry Styles?

Apr 28th 2014 12:44PM

Niall Horan, you've been replaced. Katy Perry has a new One Direction crush--and it's Harry Styles, go figure. What happened to Niall? Remember when... Read More

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These People Have No Idea That This Clown Is Katy Perry

Apr 24th 2014 1:10PM

Katy Perry released her new video for 'Birthday' today and it's all kinds of crazy. For the shoot, the pop star went undercover and attended a variety... Read More

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Move Over, North West! Katy Perry's Niece Has Her Own Stylist

Apr 22nd 2014 1:57PM

Katy Perry is the coolest aunt ever. Not only did she help deliver her niece (in a living room!), she has now become the tiny tot's personal stylist.... Read More