Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is a reality star who got her start on the series Keeping Up with the Kardashians before appearing in spin-off shows and launching clothing and fragrance lines. Kim, who was married to basketball player Kris Humphries for 72 days, later dated Kanye West and announced her pregnancy in December 2012. Kim gave birth to baby girl, North West, in June 2013.
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Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Asset During Movie and Taco Bell Date

Oct 20th 2014 10:37AM

Kim Kardashian ran for the border on Sunday, hitting a Taco Bell drive through and a movie with Kanye West in this crazy getup. The couple... Read More

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Kim Kardashian's Endorsement Demands: Divalicious or Not So Bad?

Oct 20th 2014 10:22AM

As famous as Kim Kardashian is, we rarely hear about the reality star making diva demands. There was a report a little while ago that Kim had a strict... Read More

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North West's Diamond Earrings Are Worth How Much?!

Oct 16th 2014 10:07PM

North West has a wardrobe that would make any girl jealous...and she's only a year old! Kim Kardashian's super stylish daughter is often sporting... Read More

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Is Kanye West Upset With the Way Scott Disick Is Treating Kourtney Kardashian?

Oct 16th 2014 1:03PM

Kanye West and Scott Disick certainly live two different lifestyles. We all know Scott is always up for a good party, especially when he's hosting,... Read More

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Kim Kardashian Clears Up the North West Stylist Rumors

Oct 16th 2014 12:45PM

When we first heard those rumors about Kim Kardashian's daughter North West having a stylist, we weren't surprised at all. That kid is more stylish... Read More

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Are Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Arguing About Kim's Parenting Style?

Oct 15th 2014 1:41PM

If it sounds like you've heard this one before, it's because you have. Shortly after Kim Kardashian gave birth to her daughter North West in June... Read More

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Who Wore It Best? Kris Jenner Steals Kim Kardashian's Dress

Oct 9th 2014 5:38PM

It's bad enough when your sisters raid your closet, but when your 58-year-old mom is borrowing your dresses, that's a whole different story. That's... Read More

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Jennifer Lawrence Confesses to Watching 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'

Oct 9th 2014 12:10PM

Oscar winning celebrities are just like us...they watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, too! That's just one fun fact we learned about Jennifer... Read More

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Did Khloe Kardashian Just Steal the "Best Butt" Title From Kim?

Oct 8th 2014 12:53PM

It is a battle of the butts and the competition is FIERCE! Of all the Kardashian girls, Kim Kardashian's butt always got the most attention. In... Read More

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KUWTK Begins Filming Season 10: Kourtney Shares Cute Family Photo From the Set

Oct 8th 2014 11:41AM

The Kardashians are coming back! Kim Kardashian made the announcement on her Twitter page on Monday, saying that the family had begun filming for... Read More

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Does North West Already Have a Stylist?

Oct 7th 2014 7:07PM

Normally, we would say hiring a stylist for a one-year-old seems a bit over the top, but North West is perhaps the one exception to that rule. The... Read More

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Did Kim Kardashian Just Accidentally Diss Khloe?

Oct 7th 2014 12:18PM

We are all well-aware that Kim Kardashian prefers selfies to pretty much any other kind of Instagram post there is. In a new tweet, she also... Read More

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Kim Kardashian Shows Off "North West" Rings

Oct 6th 2014 9:46PM

How cool are Kim Kardashian's new rings? The reality star already has a "Nori" necklace (Nori is North's nickname) and now she's got these rings to... Read More

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North West Has Her Own Custom KimYe Dolls...Because, Why Not?

Oct 6th 2014 7:23PM

North West has pretty much everything she could ever want. In fact, she's probably too young to even know exactly what she wants at this point, but... Read More

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Did Kim Kardashian Accidentally Leave North West in a Paris Hotel?

Oct 4th 2014 12:23PM

Kim Kardashian is Tweeting mad at a report that she almost left her daughter at a hotel in Paris while departing Fashion Week. RadarOnline spun a... Read More

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North West Is Spent and It's Absolutely Adorable

Oct 2nd 2014 9:06PM

While the rest of us have been dragging ourselves to boring old school and work every day, mini fashionista North West was strutting around Paris... Read More

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North West Has a Better Wardrobe Than We Do, But Is That a Good Thing?

Oct 2nd 2014 1:11PM

Pretty much anything Kim Kardashian does with her daughter North West, there will be critics who say she's doing the wrong thing. Most recently,... Read More

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Kim Kardashian Working on a "Secret Project" With Cara Delevingne

Oct 2nd 2014 1:05PM

Cara Delevingne is definitely keeping up with the Kardashians lately! The blonde beauty was just hanging out with fellow model Kendall Jenner... Read More

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Kim Kardashian Steps Out in Swiss Cheese-Inspired Look

Oct 2nd 2014 12:07PM

All right, either Kim Kardashian is celebrating Halloween a little early and she managed to get a super sexy custom Swiss cheese costume or, this is... Read More

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Reportedly Argued About Her Nude Photo Leak

Oct 1st 2014 1:51PM

The recent celebrity nude photo leak has been causing all kinds of chaos in Hollywood. In addition to the fact that it's embarrassing and a HUGE... Read More

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Diddy Says Kim Kardashian's Butt Doesn't Compare to J. Lo's

Oct 1st 2014 1:32PM

In the battle of the best butt, Kim Kardashian's famous rear can't hold a candle to Jennifer Lopez's booty. At least that's what P. Diddy thinks... Read More

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Kim Kardashian's Attacker Put on a Thong and Ambushed Ciara

Sep 30th 2014 9:18PM

If you thought it looked crazy when notorious prankster Vitalii Sediuk attacked Kim Kardashian, wait until you see what he did next. After diving... Read More

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Kim Kardashian's Ukranian Attacker Vitalii Sediuk Caught Lurking Again

Sep 30th 2014 9:31AM

Vitalii Sediuk just doesn't know when to quit. The notorious Ukranian prankster who tried to tackle Kim Kardashian last week while she was en... Read More

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Kim Kardashian Wears Matching Outfit With North West at Givenchy Show

Sep 29th 2014 10:34AM

Like mother, like daughter! Kim Kardashian brought North West to her second fashion show in Paris on Sunday and even dressed up her baby girl in a... Read More

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Vitalii Sediuk Speaks Out About Kim Kardashian Attack, Hopes She Isn't Angry

Sep 28th 2014 6:39PM

Last week, Kim Kardashian had a scary encounter with infamous prankster Vitalii Sediuk, when he almost tackled her to the ground as she was trying to... Read More

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Now That's a Handful! Kim Kardashian Shares Pic of Kanye West Grabbing Her Butt

Sep 28th 2014 1:04PM

First of all, does Kim Kardashian have a personal photographer that just walks around with her? She always has these strange non-selfie 'oh, I... Read More

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Kim Kardashian Attack: Paris Police Won't Get Involved

Sep 26th 2014 12:30PM

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West usually love going to Paris because the paparazzi laws are much more aggressive, which means the actual photogs CAN'T... Read More

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Kim Kardashian Shows Boobs, Gets Booed in Paris After Attack

Sep 26th 2014 10:50AM

If you got mobbed by paparazzi and tackled by a prankster en route to a fashion show in Paris, you'd probably decide to hole up in your hotel later.... Read More

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Kim Kardashian Gets Tackled by Ukrianian Prankster in Paris

Sep 25th 2014 2:30PM

There's plenty of perks to being famous, but getting attacked and tackled by a notorious Ukranian prankster while being swarmed by a crowd looks... Read More

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North West Sits Front Row With KimYe at Her First Fashion Show

Sep 25th 2014 11:23AM

Baby's show? North West has hit two major milestones: sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week and walking. No big deal, but Kim... Read More