Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart's role in Panic Room, opposite Jodie Foster, catapulted her career. Kristen is best known for playing Bella Swan in the Twilight films, as well as the title role in Snow White and the Huntsman. She had an affair with her Snow White director, after which she issued a public apology to boyfriend Robert Pattinson.
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'Twilight' Reunion! Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning Hang Out in NYC

Oct 11th 2014 10:18PM

Girls' night out! Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were spotted stepping out in New York City Tuesday night, heading out of a Manhattan hotel in... Read More

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Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult Take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge With Dirty Bath Water?

Aug 22nd 2014 10:54AM

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with their own unique twist – and an eye towards conservation - by... Read More

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Robert Pattinson Finally Opens up About Kristen Stewart Cheating on Him

Jul 31st 2014 9:42AM

Robert Pattinson doesn't seem to be too phased by Kristen Stewart anymore. The Twilight star was rather candid when he talked about her cheating on... Read More

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Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart Dress in Drag for Jenny Lewis' Music Video

Jul 16th 2014 3:37PM

Now we know what Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart's twin brothers would look like. The actresses and fellow thesp Brie Larson dressed in drag,... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Debuts Much Shorter Haircut at Paris Fashion Week

Jul 9th 2014 11:32AM

Kristen Stewart is the latest celeb to jump on the short haired bandwagon, and she debuted her drastic cut during Paris Fashion Week. Tres chic! ... Read More

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Rob Pattinson Moving on With a New Girl Post K. Stew?

May 6th 2014 6:32PM

While Kristen Stewart was busy attending the Met Gala in NYC last night, her onetime love Robert Pattinson has been keeping himself entertained back... Read More

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Shailene Woodley Slams 'Twilight' as "Toxic"

Mar 12th 2014 10:58AM

We're totally loving Shailene Woodley for a few reasons: she's super quirky (the girl doesn't even own a cell phone), she's playing a butt-kicking... Read More

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Nike Says No Deal With Kristen Stewart

Mar 11th 2014 6:32PM

Don't worry, K. Stew fans...she's not selling out for some fancy schmancy endorsement deal with Nike. Although the sneaker giant was rumored to be... Read More

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Nike Looking to Sign Endorsement Deal With Kristen Stewart?

Mar 10th 2014 1:12PM

Kristen Stewart is to Converse kicks what Kim Kardashian is to selfies. They just go together. So, why is Nike trying to jump in and throw off the... Read More

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Happy Valentine's Day! Can You Decode Kristen Stewart's Love Poem?

Feb 14th 2014 11:43AM

OK, maybe we just don't speak the language of love--we're not ruling that out as a possibility--but we're having a little trouble decoding Kristen... Read More

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Kristen Stewart's Utterly Confusing Love Poem

Feb 12th 2014 9:37AM

"Oh, my God, it's so embarrassing," Kristen Stewart said before reading her love poem to Marie Claire. "I can't believe I'm doing this." Ah,... Read More

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Kristen Stewart: "I Stand By Every Mistake I've Ever Made, So Judge Away"

Feb 10th 2014 2:32PM

Kristen Stewart has been the subject of a ton of tabloid fodder. Whether it was speculation about her relationship with Robert Pattinson or her... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Rocks Braids at 'Camp X-Ray' Sundance Premiere

Jan 17th 2014 12:07PM

Kristen Stewart sported a new braided hairstyle at the premiere of her new film Camp X-Ray at Sundance...but was the Twilight star's 'do a hit or... Read More

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The Unusual Reason Snooki Loves Kristen Stewart

Dec 25th 2013 1:37PM

Snooki is sharing her love for Kristen Stewart this holiday season, but in her explanation for why she loves the Twilight star, things get a little... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Lands Major Chanel Campaign

Dec 11th 2013 5:40PM

Kristen Stewart just scored one major fashion gig. Find out the details on the gig the Twilight star landed with Chanel, plus see what she had to say... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Hangs Out With Family After Thanksgiving

Nov 29th 2013 7:30PM

Kristen Stewart is making the most of her Thanksgiving break. The actress was spotted hanging out with family and friends, after attending a... Read More

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Reunite on a Romantic Date

Nov 3rd 2013 1:04PM

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back together?! Well, it could be possible! The former couple were pictured together for the first time since... Read More

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Celeb's 'Alice in Wonderland' Childhood Home Listed for Sale

Oct 17th 2013 11:51AM

It's always interesting to see how celebrities grew up and this celeb's childhood home is extra interesting because it has an 'Alice in Wonderland'... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Enrolls in College...What's She Studying?

Aug 13th 2013 1:28PM

The 23-year-old Twilight actress has reportedly signed up for an English literature class at UCLA and is "already considering a life after film"...get... Read More

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Heading To Court Over Their Dogs?

Aug 8th 2013 3:14PM

Is Kristen Stewart taking legal action against Robert Pattinson? There are new reports that K-Stew is considering taking Rob to court to get sole... Read More

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5 Celebs Who've Gone Totally Off on the Paparazzi

Aug 1st 2013 11:17AM

Kristen Stewart may have gone all the way off on the paparazzi, but she's not the only celeb who's lost their cool when it comes to the shutterbugs.... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Blasts Paparazzo: "You Don't Deserve to Breathe the Same Air I Do" (WATCH!)

Jul 31st 2013 1:16PM

Kristen Stewart was not too thrilled when a paparazzo found her outside of a building in Los Angeles. The actress cussed at him and told him he... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Rocks Fatigues on 'Camp X-Ray' Set

Jul 18th 2013 11:35AM

While Robert Pattinson shoots his new flick in Canada, Kristen Stewart is working on a new film of her own in Los Angeles. Take a peek at the... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Steps Out in Paris

Jul 3rd 2013 5:00PM

While Kristen Stewart was slapping on some fashionable duds for a Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week, Robert Pattinson was hanging out in Los Angeles... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Gets New Tattoo in Nashville! (PIC!)

Jun 26th 2013 2:25PM

Kristen Stewart stopped by a tattoo parlor in Nashville to reportedly get her first ever tattoo! Get all of the details about K-Stew's new ink job and... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Very Upset Over James Gandolfini's Death

Jun 25th 2013 9:34PM

Kristen Stewart is speaking up about the death of 'Sopranos' actor James Gandolfini. Find out what she had to say about the late actor here.... Read More

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Rob Pattinson Parties With '50 Shades of Grey' Author

Jun 25th 2013 10:24AM

The Twilight actor hosts an exclusive party at his Los Feliz pad where 50 Shades author E L James attends, fueling speculation he's up for the role of... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Visits Hooters and Coyote Ugly on Road Trip

Jun 18th 2013 10:52AM

The Twilight actress takes a road trip and hits a famed boobs and beer joint where she posed with staff and fans...what's she doing down south?... Read More

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Spotted Together!

Jun 15th 2013 10:28AM

Are things back on for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? The stars were reportedly seen holding hands and acting very much together in L.A.... Read More

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Rob Pattinson Scores New Gig, Spotted With Kristen Stewart

Jun 14th 2013 11:46AM

The Twilight actor is the new face of Dior Homme fragrance, replacing Jude, he's been spotted holding hands with his former girlfriend... Read More