Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Jenner and Kardashian siblings featured on the reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kylie, along with sister Kendall, serve as brand ambassadors to Seventeen magazine. Kylie is also a model and has expressed an interest in pursuing acting roles.
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Kylie Jenner Joins Tyga on Eurotrip, Stars in Jaden Smith's Video

Oct 20th 2014 5:05PM

Kylie & Tyga at Bordeaux Airport in France today! - KJ Updates (@UpdatingKJ) October 18, 2014 We can hardly keep up... Read More

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Self-Promoter Gets a Huge Break From Kylie Jenner

Oct 19th 2014 1:08PM

You know when you park somewhere (especially in a mall or other crowded parking lot) and you come back to your car after being gone for like 5... Read More

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Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian Borrows Kylie Jenner's Dress

Oct 17th 2014 5:26PM

Kourtney Kardashian may be 7 months pregnant, but she's not shopping in the maternity section. In fact, the 35-year-old E! reality star is... Read More

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Tyga Is Quite the Gentleman During Dinner Date With Kylie Jenner

Oct 16th 2014 11:51AM

Kylie Jenner and Tyga continue to spend quality time together despite reported concerns about their age difference. They were spotted heading to... Read More

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Kylie Jenner Moved Out of Her Mom's House Because They Were Arguing?

Oct 15th 2014 11:41AM

Kylie Jenner said that she wanted to move out of Kris Jenner's house a few weeks ago during her Miss Vogue interview. "Kendall recently moved out... Read More

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner Named to Time's Most Influential Teens

Oct 14th 2014 9:51AM

In case you didn't already know, Kendall and Kylie Jenner are kind of a big deal, according to Time magazine. The Jenner sisters, who are E!... Read More

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Kylie Jenner Has Sushi Date With Tyga

Oct 8th 2014 9:49AM

Kylie Jenner and Tyga romance rumors continue to heat up as the twosome headed out on a sushi dinner date last night in Los Angeles. The... Read More

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Is Jaden Smith's New Song "Fast" for Kylie Jenner?

Oct 7th 2014 4:17PM

Jaden Smith is coming at you with more new music. He just dropped the video for a song called "Fast," where he spits rhymes about a girl who drives... Read More

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Kylie Jenner Announces 'Kylie Hair Kouture' Line

Oct 7th 2014 1:05PM

Remember those reports about Kylie Jenner possibly being jealous of sister Kendall's modeling career and we said we knew she'd find something to make... Read More

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You'll Never Believe How Much Kylie Jenner's Bling Costs

Oct 7th 2014 12:49PM

Kylie Jenner always has awesome jewelry on. Whether it's her rings, earrings, a necklace or a bracelet, we're always envious of her accessories. In... Read More

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Did Kylie Jenner Just Get Two New Dogs?

Oct 5th 2014 12:56PM

Kris Jenner definitely has a full house at the Kardashian compound in Calabasas. With Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and KimYe's daughter... Read More

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Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Family Asset in a Thong Bikini

Oct 2nd 2014 3:31PM

Kylie Jenner is proving the apple doesn't fall far from the family tree when it comes to the famous Kardashian booty. First, the 17-year-old... Read More

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Kylie Jenner Hooking Up With Rapper and Father Tyga?

Oct 1st 2014 6:34PM

Looks like Kylie and Kendall Jenner are just like their older sister Kim: they love the rappers! And apparently, Kylie has been romancing an... Read More

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Still Summer? Kylie Jenner Shares Skimpy Bikini Selfie

Sep 30th 2014 7:25PM

Is it hot in here or is it just Kylie Jenner? While Kendall Jenner is strutting her stuff on the catwalk and freeing the nipple at Paris Fashion... Read More

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Is Kylie Jenner's Mesh Top Inappropriate for a 17-Year-Old?

Sep 24th 2014 2:53PM

While Kylie Jenner looks (we mean that in a good way) and acts a lot older than she actually is, we sometimes forget that she's only 17 years old.... Read More

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Kylie Jenner Shoots Down Recent Rumor in the Most Empowering Way Ever

Sep 22nd 2014 2:18PM

It's not very often that Kylie Jenner (or really any member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, for that matter) responds to rumors. Quite frankly, with... Read More

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Kylie Jenner Experiments With Another New 'Do and It's Perfect!

Sep 22nd 2014 1:58PM

Kylie Jenner has changed her hair yet again and today's 'do is all kinds of awesome. In the past few months, Kylie has gone from long dark hair to... Read More

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Is Kylie Jenner Jealous of Kendall's Modeling Career?

Sep 18th 2014 11:05PM

Sibling rivalry is pretty much a fact of life. If you have siblings, you've probably been a tiny bit jealous of them at some point...and if you... Read More

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Is Kylie Jenner Trying to Break Into the Music Biz?

Sep 17th 2014 9:03PM

Well, this is unexpected. In addition to being a reality star, clothing designer and professional selfie-snapper, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner... Read More

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner Release T-Shirts With Their Selfies on Them

Sep 12th 2014 1:14PM

Watch out, Kim Kardashian! Your little sisters are taking over the selfie space - and theirs are for sale, too! While Kim is getting ready to... Read More

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Move Over, Kendall! Kylie Jenner Models Fall Beauty Trends

Sep 11th 2014 12:19PM

Kendall Jenner isn't the only model sister...Kylie Jenner is featured in a fall beauty campaign for Byrdie and she's looking pretty fabulous... Read More

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Kylie Jenner Reveals Plans to Move Out

Sep 10th 2014 1:25PM

Poor Kris Jenner! First Bruce moved out, then Kendall moved out and now Kylie is getting ready to fly the coop, too. That means she's officially going... Read More

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner Banned From Hanging Out With Chris Brown?

Sep 9th 2014 3:56PM

Bruce Jenner is putting his foot down! His teenage daughters have been living the good life, jetting all over the world and hanging out with all of... Read More

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Did Kylie Jenner Forget Her Pants?

Sep 7th 2014 3:35PM

The Kardashian/Jenner girls have been showing a lot of skin on social media lately (especially Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner), but little sis... Read More

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Did Kylie Jenner Go Back to Blue Already?

Sep 4th 2014 11:34PM

We're not gonna lie, we totally miss Kylie Jenner's blue hair - and it sounds like she does, too! The reality star, who loves to experiment with... Read More

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KUWTK Sneak Peek: Kim Is Worried That Kylie Will Have Blue Hair at Her Wedding

Sep 1st 2014 1:00AM

The bad news is that another season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is coming to a close. The good news is that, as usual, they're going out with a... Read More

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Kylie Jenner Stuns in V Magazine Spread: Reveals Instagram Obsession and What It's Like Living Life in Front of the Cameras

Aug 27th 2014 3:33PM

This couldn't have worked out any better for us. Kylie Jenner says that she is totally obsessed with Instagram, which is super awesome because we're... Read More

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Kylie Jenner's Extensions Totally Make Us Miss Her Long Hair

Aug 26th 2014 2:56PM

Kylie Jenner utilized THE most over-used expression on Instagram when she captioned this photo "long hair, don't care." We DO care, though, because... Read More

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Kendall Jenner Calls Herself the "Biggest Loser," Says Kylie's "Really Dirty"

Aug 25th 2014 4:45PM

When we hear the name Kendall Jenner, we think model, reality star, designer, author...but not loser! But in her and Kylie Jenner's DuJour... Read More

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Were Kim Kardashian and Her Sisters Texting During the VMAs Ferguson Tribute?

Aug 24th 2014 11:41PM

Kim Kardashian and her two sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner all attended the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night and they had laser focus when it... Read More