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Top 5 Moments From Ariana Grande on 'Saturday Night Live'

Sep 29th 2014 3:49PM

Everyone's favorite pocket-sized diva Ariana Grande performed on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, and in case you forgot to set your DVRs, we've got the top 5 moments from the show.... Read More

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The 7 Stages of Putting on a Pair of Jeans

Sep 4th 2014 12:00AM

Putting on jeans is an activity that requires patience, strategy and skill. Yes, sometimes we buy our jeans too small because we plan on dropping a size and sometimes they just seem to shrink inside... Read More

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Awards: See Which Celeb's Video Won "Most Creative," "Funniest" and More!

Aug 19th 2014 4:46PM

So many of our favorite celebrities have accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Since each one put their own awesome spin on their videos, we decided to award our favorites in categories such as:... Read More

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The Top 9 Scenes in Space Babe Ariana Grande's "Break Free" Music Video

Aug 13th 2014 3:31PM

Ariana Grande is on fire these days. Sometimes, literally. Everyone's buzzing about Ari blasting missiles out of her breasts in her new music video for "Break Free," the second...

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New Couple Alert? Ariana Grande and Big Sean's Top 9 Cutest Moments Together

Aug 12th 2014 5:47PM

For those of you who would totally ship Ariana Grande and Big Sean, brace yourselves because E! Online is reporting that they are indeed dating! According to their source,...

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6 Reasons Why 'Once Upon a Time' Fans Are Getting the Best 'Frozen' Cast Ever

Jul 26th 2014 4:40PM

Starry-eyed Disney fans, take note: The fourth season of ABC’s Once Upon A Time isn’t coming until September, but we already have reason to get excited: the main trio from Frozen will...

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7 Things Robin Thicke Needs to Stop Doing If He Wants His Wife Back

Jul 18th 2014 11:08AM

In case you're a mole rat who's been living under a Tibetan monastery for the past month, some news: R&B-lite singer Robin Thicke and his wife, actress Paula Patton, recently split. Now Thicke...

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What We're Really Thinking When We See Some Popular Brand Logos

Jul 14th 2014 11:45AM

Maybe these brands should just fire all of their marketing people and go with these new slogans, because let's face it, this is what we're really... Read More

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Jared Leto Hugging Meme is Everything: Can You Feel the Love?

Jul 11th 2014 1:55PM

Thank you, clever people of the internet, for taking Jared Leto's adorable tree hugging pic on Instagram and creating the most lovable meme ever. Here's a round up of some of our favorite Jared Leto...

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Jesse McCartney Reveals His 5 Guilty Pleasures

Jul 10th 2014 5:55PM

Jesse McCartney is back with a brand new album In Technicolor on July 22 and he's our latest Cambio Guest Editor. The talented singer and actor has been a guilty pleasure of ours ever since we heard... Read More


Guy Recreates Pics of Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and More

Jul 1st 2014 11:07PM

This is amazing. A guy has gone and recreated some pics of our fave celebs and he does a bang up, hilarious job. There are even noodles involved in some of them - hey, who needs a wig when... Read More

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Meet the DigiStars: Advice That Every Ryan Beatty Fan MUST Read

Jun 30th 2014 7:00PM

DigiFest NYC was hot, and we're not just talking about the temperature at Citi Field. YouTube singing sensation, 17-year-old Ryan Beatty, with his perfectly coiffed hair and retro chic Ray-Bans,...

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8 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley Are the Same Person

Jun 28th 2014 7:00AM

Sure, sure - one is blonde, one is not. One comes from Kentucky, the other California. One stars in a huge post-apocalyptic movie series and the other...stars in a huge post-apocalyptic movie series.... Read More

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The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Kendall and Kylie Jenner

Jun 20th 2014 11:02AM

Don't believe everything you read! E! reality stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner are joining us as Cambio Guest Editors to clear up the craziest rumors and misconceptions people have about them.... Read More

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5 Things Kendall and Kylie Jenner Can't Live Without

Jun 20th 2014 11:00AM

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15 Panorama Fails That Will Make Your Head Explode

Jun 9th 2014 8:40PM

The panorama function on the iPhone is awesome if you're trying to take a picture of the beach, the Grand Canyon or some other larger than life landscape that a single photo simply couldn't capture.... Read More

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7 New Things Lea Michele Learned in the Last Year

Jun 5th 2014 11:44PM

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5 Things Lea Michele Is Grateful for Every Day

Jun 5th 2014 11:43PM

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Lea Michele's 7 Most Inspirational Glee Songs

Jun 5th 2014 11:42PM

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The 5 People Who Inspire Lea Michele

Jun 5th 2014 11:41PM

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Guys With Zooey Deschanel Eyes Will Freak You Out

Jun 4th 2014 5:02PM

There’s no denying that Zooey Deschanel has the most gorgeous eyes in Hollywood, but what if those amazing peepers were put on guys' faces? Wonder no more - these creepy Guys with Zooeyes will...

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The Elephant Is Not Alone: See These Other Selfie-Snapping Animals

Jun 3rd 2014 5:49PM

This week, the Internet went crazy when an elephant accidentally snapped a selfie after a wildlife park visitor dropped his cell phone. Turns out, this was not the first (or the second or the... Read More

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The Strangest, Most Random Bathrooms of All Time

Jun 2nd 2014 1:41AM

Bathrooms are generally a pretty standard situation. There is a toilet, a sink and sometimes a shower or tub. You go in there, you do your business and you don't really think much of it. After seeing... Read More

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We're Not Laughing With These Haunted House Visitors, We're Definitely Laughing AT Them

Jun 1st 2014 3:00PM

Haunted houses suck. There are no two ways about it. Why anybody would subject themselves to such torture is totally beyond our comprehension, but while we're too chicken to go through these... Read More

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One Direction 'On the Road Again' Tour Promo Pics Are Everything

May 19th 2014 11:32AM

One Direction just announced their 2015 On the Road Again tour and while the news of more concert dates is pretty exciting (hello, Asia, Australia, South Africa, UAE!), these promo pics are ...

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Miss the 2014 Billboard Music Awards? 13 GIFs That Sum Up and Spoof the Show

May 19th 2014 2:29AM

The 2014 Billboard Music Awards went down Sunday night. Of course, it didn't go off without a major mess-up from Kendall Jenner (we could watch an entire show of just her trying to read books) and... Read More

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Shakira's Boob Moment at 2014 Billboard Music Awards

May 18th 2014 10:23PM

Shakira had everyone thinking a nip slip was on the way Janet Jackson-style during her performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards Sunday night.

It all went down when the sexy singer was...

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The 9 People You Find on Your Facebook Feed

May 17th 2014 2:04PM

You know you've got 'em. Every time you ditch one, another takes over and starts clogging up your news feed. Here are the nine people we're all friends with on Facebook.  Read More

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17 Things That Only People From Los Angeles Could Ever Understand

May 13th 2014 2:19PM

If you're reading this, you've either lived in Los Angeles or you still do. So, first of all, a big congratulations to all of us for surviving Carmageddon because nobody realizes what a big deal it...

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7 Jay Z and Solange Elevator Fight Memes That Made Us LOL

May 12th 2014 9:51PM

After we watched the video of Solange attacking Jay Z in an elevator, we knew the memes were coming. In case you missed it, TMZ released a surveillance video Monday of Solange apparently kicking,...

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