Missy Franklin

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Justin Bieber Almost Ruined U.S. Gold Medalist Missy Franklin's Shot at College! Find Out How Here!

Dec 7th 2012 1:40PM

Why did Missy have to give back his gifts?... Read More

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Teen Olympian Missy Franklin Gets Her First Gold Medal--and a Surprise from Justin Bieber!!

Jul 31st 2012 11:50AM

The 17-year-old made Team USA proud in the 100 meter backstroke!... Read More

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Meet Olympian Archer Khatuna Lorig: She Taught Jennifer Lawrence How to Use a Bow and Arrow for 'The Hunger Games!'

Jul 25th 2012 3:50PM

This Olympic star taught Katniss everything she needed to know!... Read More

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Meet Teen Olympian Missy Franklin (Swimming): This Record Breaking Star Loves Justin Bieber and One Direction!

Jul 24th 2012 10:15AM

Meet the high school senior who is expected to come home from London wearing lots of gold!... Read More