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Hilarious 'Loser Keeps Bieber' Billboard Appears at USA vs. Canada Hockey Game

Feb 21st 2014 1:24PM

The winner of Friday's semi-final game between the USA and Canadian hockey teams advances to the gold-medal game at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and... Read More

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Sochi Olympics Wolf? Just a Jimmy Kimmel Prank, Not an Epic Sochi Fail

Feb 21st 2014 8:53AM

Well, Jimmy Kimmel got us again. The frightening sight of a wolf roaming the halls of an Olympic Village hotel in Sochi turned out to be just a... Read More

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Olympians Using Tinder to Hook Up in Sochi?

Feb 15th 2014 5:30AM

Obviously, athletes hooking up at the Olympics is nothing new. You put a lot of young, good-looking people in one place and it's a recipe for... Read More

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U.S. Olympian Asks Taylor Swift to be His Valentine, Wants to Take Out a Fan Too

Feb 14th 2014 9:55PM

U.S. skier Nick Goepper might have a bronze Olympic medal around his neck from the Sochi games but now he wants to win a date with Taylor Swift. ... Read More

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Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy Steals Our Hearts While Saving Puppies

Feb 13th 2014 6:22PM

If there was a gold medal for winning life, we'd definitely give one to this American Olympic skier! Gus Kenworthy has hopped on board with Russian... Read More

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See Olympic Figure Skater Evgeni Plushenko Strip, Skate to Ginuwine's "Pony"

Feb 13th 2014 2:38PM

Now this is a good #ThrowbackThursday! Evgeni Plushenko, one of Russia's top figure skaters, was set to compete in the Sochi Olympics today and... Read More


Desperate or Brilliant? Olympic Snowboarder Puts His Phone Number on His Helmet

Feb 12th 2014 4:54PM

It seems like the athletes at the 2014 Sochi Olympics are almost as entertaining as the games themselves. From busting through doors, getting stuck... Read More

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US Olympic Bobsledder Johnny Quinn Gets Trapped in Bathroom, Elevator at Sochi

Feb 12th 2014 2:12PM

There have been plenty of complaints about the accomodations in Sochi during the Olympics, but we don't think anyone's had worse luck than USA... Read More


Russian Speed Skater Olga Graf Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction

Feb 11th 2014 12:57PM

Russian speed skater Olga Graf was so excited when she won her bronze medal at the Sochi Olympics, but the way she decided to celebrate ended up being... Read More

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Ashley Wagner Is Not Impressed

Feb 10th 2014 11:49AM

Ashley Wagner had a pretty incredible performance on Saturday night and while we were impressed, the judges didn't show her a whole lot of love. As... Read More

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#SochiProblems Gets Own Twitter Account: See the Funniest Photos

Feb 7th 2014 3:10PM

Things don't always go according to plan...and when you're traveling, you're bound to run into some hiccups, or at the very least, different ways of... Read More

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Lindsey Vonn Models at New York Fashion Week Instead of Competing in Olympics

Feb 7th 2014 12:52PM

What's a girl to do when she can't participate in the Winter Olympics in Sochi due to an injury? Walk in New York Fashion Week instead for a great... Read More

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Shaun White Makes Surprising Announcement

Feb 5th 2014 11:48AM

While the slopestyle event has not yet made its official Olympic debut yet, it is already one of the most talked about Olympic topics. ... Read More

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Michael Phelps Takes Over Vegas to Officially Celebrate His Retirement!

Sep 4th 2012 3:30PM

How else would you mark your retirement at just 27-years-old?... Read More

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Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas Reveals She Was Bullied

Aug 27th 2012 1:15PM

The gymnast opens up to Oprah about her experiences... Read More

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'Make It or Break It' Star Cassie Scerbo 'Missed Her Leotard for the First Time' Watching the Olympics

Aug 24th 2012 12:00PM

The star reveals how much she could relate to Team USA's 'Fierce Five!'... Read More

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U.S. Gymnast Aly Raisman Wants to Date Joe Jonas!

Aug 17th 2012 3:12PM

Think they'd make a cute couple?... Read More

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Watch Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas Hang with Jay Leno and the First Lady on The 'Tonight Show'!

Aug 14th 2012 1:50PM

The 16-year-old Olympian dishes all about her crazy new life in the spotlight!... Read More

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One Direction Olympics Closing Ceremony: Watch 'What Makes You Beautiful' Video

Aug 12th 2012 5:11PM

Watch One Direction perform at the Olympics closing ceremony.... Read More


2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony Livestream: Watch Olympics Closing Ceremony Online

Aug 12th 2012 3:00PM

Watch the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony online live stream video.... Read More

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Louis Tomlinson Tweets Shirtless Pic; Watch Gabby Douglas' "Vampire" Surprise! (CLICKWORTHY!)

Aug 10th 2012 3:39PM

And is Zayn Malik moving in with his girlfriend? Find out here!... Read More

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Ryan Lochte: Reality TV Show in the Works?

Aug 9th 2012 5:00PM

Would you watch it?... Read More

olympics, olympics 2012, ryan lochte

Ryan Lochte Is Single and Totally Wants a Girlfriend!

Aug 8th 2012 3:51PM

Find out how he has gotten even more swag-tastic... Read More

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London Olympics Update: Aly Raisman Gets an Individual Gold Medal!

Aug 8th 2012 2:00PM

The women's gymnastics team captain gets her first individual gold medal--and makes history!... Read More


Olympics 2012: Our Favorite Celebrity Olympic Tweets!

Aug 2nd 2012 2:00PM

These famous stars are totally digging the Olympics... Read More

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The Women's Gymnastics Team Gets Olympic Gold--And Lots of Love From Justin Bieber!

Aug 1st 2012 12:30PM

The 'Fab Five' have a big fan in Justin Bieber!... Read More

Michael Phelps, olympics, olympics 2012

Michael Phelps: Wins Most Olympic Medals Ever!

Jul 31st 2012 4:45PM

Michael Phelps is the man!... Read More

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Teen Olympian Missy Franklin Gets Her First Gold Medal--and a Surprise from Justin Bieber!!

Jul 31st 2012 11:50AM

The 17-year-old made Team USA proud in the 100 meter backstroke!... Read More

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One Direction: Olympics Closing Ceremony Performance with Ed Sheeran?

Jul 31st 2012 7:30AM

One Direction at the Olympics closing ceremony? Yes, please!... Read More

aly raisman, gabrielle douglas, gymnastics, jordyn wieber, kyla ross, mckayla maroney, olympics, olympics 2012

Olympic Upset: Teen Gymnast Jordyn Wieber's Chance at Gold Goes to Her Best Friend!

Jul 30th 2012 1:04PM

Has your best friend ever gotten something you really wanted instead?... Read More