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What Almost Caused Olympian Ryan Lochte to Lose His Gold Medal? Was it Fair?

Jul 30th 2012 12:45PM

The Olympic committee bans the gold medalist from wearing his trademark mouth piece!... Read More

olympics, olympics 2012

Which Celebs Are At The Olympics? Find Out Here!

Jul 30th 2012 10:24AM

These stars have made their way to London for the big games... Read More

olympics, olympics 2012, Olympics2012, ryan lochte

Ryan Lochte: Meet the Gold Medal Winner Who Has an Adorable Connection to Lil Wayne--Seriously!

Jul 29th 2012 1:25PM

Get to know one of the hottest swimmers competing for Team USA!... Read More

Claressa Shields, olympics, olympics 2012

Meet Claressa Shields: This 17-Year-Old Olympian Boxer is About to Make History in London. Find Out Why!

Jul 27th 2012 3:20PM

You need to watch out for this inspiring teen athlete!... Read More

jordyn wieber, justin bieber, olympics, olympics 2012

Teen Olympian Jordyn Wieber (Gymnastics) Wants to Go for the Gold--And Meet Justin Bieber Too!

Jul 26th 2012 4:20PM

The rising Olympian star is a Belieber!... Read More

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Meet Olympian Archer Khatuna Lorig: She Taught Jennifer Lawrence How to Use a Bow and Arrow for 'The Hunger Games!'

Jul 25th 2012 3:50PM

This Olympic star taught Katniss everything she needed to know!... Read More

mckayla maroney, olympics, Olympics 2012, Olympics2012

Meet Teen Olympian McKayla Maroney (Gymnastics): She's Perfected the Most Difficult Vault Move in the World!

Jul 23rd 2012 12:00PM

This worldwide champion is ready to take London by storm!... Read More

alex morgan, olympics, olympics 2012, soccer

Meet Alex Morgan: Why Does This Olympic Soccer Star Like to Think Pink?

Jul 20th 2012 4:00PM

You'll love these 10 fun facts about the soccer star!... Read More

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Meet Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones: How Do Chicken Wings Fit Into Her Training Regime?

Jul 18th 2012 4:10PM

Five things you need to know about her before the London Games begin!... Read More

gabrielle douglas, olympics

Gabrielle Douglas (Gymnast): Meet the Teen Olympian With Five Nicknames!

Jul 11th 2012 1:15PM

Meet Gabby Douglas, one of the shining stars of the Women's gymnastics team heading to the Olympics!... Read More

aly raisman, gabby douglas, jordyn wieber, kyla ross, mckayla maroney, olympics

Meet the 2012 US Women's Gymnastics Team Heading to the Olympics!

Jul 3rd 2012 1:40PM

The five gymnasts representing the USA share their excitement about competing in London!... Read More

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Exclusive: Rebecca Soni Kellogg's Olympics Commercial Behind-The-Scenes

Mar 2nd 2012 11:00AM

We caught up with 2008 USA Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Soni as she was filming for the new Kellogg's Campaign commercial. Kellogg's is the official... Read More