One Direction

One Direction

One Direction is an English/Irish boy band that formed on the talent show The X Factor. One Direction's members are Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Liam Payne. They finished third on The X Factor, but went on to have massive success, reinvigorating the boy band genre and starting a British invasion in the U.S.

One Direction has released three albums: Up All Night, Take Me Home and Midnight Memories. The fourth album, appropriately titled Four, is set to be released Nov. 2014. The band's hit songs include "What Makes You Beautiful," "Kiss You," "Live While We’re Young," "Best Song Ever" and "Story of My Life."

One Direction has a huge online presence. The boy band's "What Makes You Beautiful" video has over 559 million views on YouTube and the group has over 35 million Facebook fans, plus over 20 million Twitter followers.

A few facts about the band: One Direction sold over 1.6 million tickets to 134 shows to the Take Me Home Tour in 2013. Footage from the tour was turned into a feature film titled This Is Us that topped the US and UK box offices and earning over $60 million worldwide, making it the current fourth highest grossing concert movie. The 2014 Where We Are Tour dates in Milan, Italy were recorded and are reportedly being turned into a special concert DVD available Dec. 2014.

1D fans call themselves Directioners and One Direction fanfiction has taken on a life of it's own. One author has even changed the fanfiction game by receiving a major book deal for her One Direction-inspired online story titled "After."

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Harry Styles and Katy Perry Update: Katy Has a Crush on the 1D Star?

Oct 1st 2014 2:39PM

This whole Harry Styles and Katy Perry dinner date thing won't die, especially with the buzz that they got together just to make Taylor Swift jealous.... Read More

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Liam Payne Can't Sleep, Misses Girlfriend Sophia Smith While On Tour

Oct 1st 2014 1:25PM

Liam Payne sounds like he could use a break. Not only is he missing girlfriend Sophia Smith while on tour, he also can't sleep. Poor guy. Grinding... Read More

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Who Is One Direction's 'Steal My Girl' About? Is It About the Fans?

Oct 1st 2014 11:41AM

Who is One Direction's new song, "Steal My Girl," about? It's not enough just to love a song, the fans want to know the inspiration and meaning behind... Read More

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Harry Styles' Favorite Part of Touring: One Direction Fans

Oct 1st 2014 10:52AM

While the One Direction Where We Are tour is wrapping up soon (sniffle), don't worry - the guys have more touring ahead of them in the future. And... Read More

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Niall Horan Asks Liam Payne to Smell His Armpits: Their Hilarious Tweets

Sep 30th 2014 9:52PM

We saw Niall Horan and Liam Payne get downright stir-crazy in their hotel room the other night, but now they're exchanging some goofy tweets that sent... Read More

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One Direction New Album 'Four' Leaks Online in Vine Videos

Sep 30th 2014 8:47PM

Well, this is the weirdest album leak we've seen yet. Did One Direction's new album, Four, leak online in a series of Vine videos? Is it the real... Read More

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Harry Styles and Katy Perry Planned Date to "Annoy" Taylor Swift?

Sep 30th 2014 1:43PM

Even though that whole Harry Styles and Katy Perry dinner date rumor was shot down, canceling the idea that they were getting some sort of revenge on... Read More

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Zayn Malik Confesses: He Only Brings Socks, Underwear on Tour

Sep 30th 2014 12:02PM

Zayn Malik has revealed a secret of life on the road with One Direction – he doesn't pack anything but socks and underwear for their tours.... Read More

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'Daily Show' Jokes About One Direction Fans Following Zayn Malik Terrorist Joke

Sep 30th 2014 11:02AM

Last week, The Daily Show came under fire from One Direction fans after host Jon Stewart made a joke that appeared to call Zayn Malik a terrorist... Read More

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One Direction 'Steal My Girl' a Rip-Off? Paramore's Hayley Williams Thinks So!

Sep 29th 2014 9:19PM

While we've all been gushing over One Direction's new song, "Steal My Girl," it seems at least one famous singer is calling the 1D guys out on how... Read More

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Liam Payne's Response to Fan Nude Pic DM is Perfect

Sep 29th 2014 1:43PM

Liam Payne was full of surprises last night, as he not only rattled off a bunch of sentimental tweets, but also DM'd some fans as well. He... Read More

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One Direction Guys Get Lonely on Tour? "You Miss Your Family, Friends"

Sep 29th 2014 12:12PM

Well this has us all feeling a bit sad. Despite being the biggest boyband on the planet and enjoying their fame and money, there is one downside for... Read More

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Liam Payne Gets Sentimental on Twitter, Discovers Definition of Bae

Sep 29th 2014 11:01AM

Aw, Liam Payne has gone and gotten all gushy about life and the fans that have gotten him and the One Direction guys where they are today. You're... Read More

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Harry Styles Wears Banana Suit During One Direction Concert: Hilarious Pics!

Sep 28th 2014 11:08PM

While Harry Styles has been seen munching on a banana during many One Direction concerts - tonight he actually became a banana when he put on the... Read More

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Niall Horan and Liam Payne Stir Crazy in Hotel Room: Pics and Video!

Sep 28th 2014 5:39PM

It seems life on the road is taking its toll for at least a couple of members of One Direction, as Niall Horan shared some of the breakdown on his... Read More

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Liam Payne Duck Dynasty Gun Pic Upsets One Direction Fans?

Sep 26th 2014 9:51PM

Liam Payne is facing a backlash again for associating himself with the Duck Dynasty cast. This time, there was an outpouring of comments after he... Read More

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Harry Styles Supports Emma Watson's HeForShe Campaign

Sep 26th 2014 12:39PM

Harry Styles took to Twitter yesterday to show his support for Emma Watson's campaign for gender equality. Of course, he looked amazing in the pic he... Read More

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Did 'Daily Show' Joke That Zayn Malik is a Terrorist?

Sep 26th 2014 11:12AM

During a recent segment on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, it appears a joke was made about Zayn Malik being a terrorist. Let's just say that One... Read More

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One Direction Book Photo Shoot Video Captures Behind the Scenes Fun

Sep 26th 2014 10:40AM

The One Direction behind-the-scenes video of their photo shoot for the guys' new book is here and it doesn't disappoint. As usual, they look like... Read More

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Niall Horan Shares Slow Dance With Girl in Sweetest Video Ever

Sep 25th 2014 5:23PM

When a 9 year old kid achieves life goals you probably never will...sigh. Check out this little girl having a slow dance with Niall Horan at the... Read More

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Niall Horan Admits He's Kind of Boring, Explains His Idea of a Wild Night

Sep 25th 2014 1:07PM

Niall Horan is boring. Well, we don't believe it, but to hear him tell it, he just punches in for his job, does the gig, punches out, then lounges... Read More

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Liam Payne Upsets Fans After Twitter Follow Spree, Turns Into an Egg?

Sep 25th 2014 11:55AM

Liam Payne made a number of fans happy and a bunch of them sad when he went on a Twitter follow spree last night. The biggest complaint? That he... Read More

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Harry Styles Accidentally Hits Fan With Water Bottle: Check Out His Reaction

Sep 25th 2014 10:38AM

Harry Styles accidentally hit a fan with a water bottle at a recent One Direction concert – and he obviously felt so bad about it. Harry has... Read More

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Louis Tomlinson on Early 1D Days: "I Couldn't Understand Why I Was In the Band"

Sep 24th 2014 6:14PM

Finally, we get some insight into how Louis Tomlinson was feeling during those early One Direction days. You know, when he wasn't getting any solo... Read More

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Harry Styles and Justin Bieber Collaboration? Twitter Fans Want Them to Duet

Sep 24th 2014 1:47PM

Could a Justin Bieber and Harry Styles duet be in their future? The collaboration may never come to light, but that didn't stop fans on Twitter from... Read More

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Why One Direction Are the "Worst Celebrities" (According to Them, Anyway)

Sep 24th 2014 12:54PM

The One Direction guys reckon they're not very good at being celebrities. We don't think the fans are complaining, but check out their explanation -... Read More

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Harry Styles Dating Mystery Blonde? Her Identity Revealed!

Sep 24th 2014 11:19AM

Remember that blonde "mystery woman" Harry Styles was spotted with in Austin (check out video of his mechanical bull ride with her!)? While the One... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Talks Song For One Direction's New Album: "Perfect For Them"

Sep 24th 2014 10:55AM

While it's been confirmed that Ed Sheeran wrote a song for One Direction's new album, it turns out he almost didn't work with them again. How tragic... Read More

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Harry Styles and Niall Horan Ride Mechanical Bull: Video and Fan Play-by-Play

Sep 23rd 2014 6:06PM

Harry Styles and Niall Horan rode a mechanical bull in an Austin bar...and there's video footage to prove it. You know, the kind of footage that's... Read More

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Niall Horan Almost Threw Up on Justin Timberlake?

Sep 23rd 2014 4:21PM

Niall Horan has quite the celebrity encounter story and, luckily for fans, he's sharing it in the new One Direction autobiography, Who We Are. ... Read More