One Direction

One Direction
One Direction is an English/Irish boy band formed on the talent show The X Factor. One Direction's members are Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Liam Payne. They finished third on The X Factor, but went on to have massive success, reinvigorating the boy band genre and starting a British invasion in the U.S.
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Does Harry Styles Want to Date Ariana Grande? Love Triangle With Big Sean?

Sep 19th 2014 9:08PM

As soon as it was revealed that Harry Styles wrote "A Little Bit of Your Heart" for Ariana Grande, a little bit of dating buzz kicked off, but quickly... Read More

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Harry Styles Walks Into Beam on Stage During One Direction Concert

Sep 19th 2014 4:40PM

Does Harry Styles need a personal assistant on stage to keep him out of harm's way? Watch as Harry walks into a beam during a recent One Direction... Read More

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Harry Styles Denied Bathroom Break at Nail Salon: They Didn't Recognize Him!

Sep 19th 2014 10:24AM

Harry Styles, denied! Guess who reportedly had to take a bathroom break during a recent outing in Los Angeles and popped into a nail salon to use the... Read More

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Harry Styles Wears Women's Jeans? Say It Ain't So!

Sep 18th 2014 2:34PM

Oh, now we've heard every Harry Styles rumor. Harry reportedly wears women's jeans. Yup. Believe it? Yeah, we were skeptical too, but he does like... Read More

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Niall Horan Seen Kissing a Guy? His Response on Twitter Is Perfect

Sep 17th 2014 5:32PM

Oh, lookie: Niall Horan was spotted kissing a guy. Ah, internet, you never fail to churn out the rumors, do you? During a Las Vegas night out... Read More

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Harry Styles Pays Girls' Bar Tab, Smashes Cupcake in One of Their Faces

Sep 17th 2014 2:12PM

Well, if it isn't Harry Styles acting all darling again. Harry recently paid off a group of girls' bar tab, after hanging out with them and smushing... Read More

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Cancer Survivor Credits One Direction With Helping Her Beat Disease

Sep 17th 2014 1:15PM

The One Direction guys always give back so much to their fans - we love to hear stories about how 1D have made an impact on Directioners' lives, but... Read More

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Harry Styles Suffers Chest Pains During Concert: Did Harry Go to the Hospital?

Sep 16th 2014 8:37PM

We admit we were a little bit concerned when we saw video footage of Harry Styles appearing to have chest pains during a recent One Direction concert.... Read More

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Hilary Duff Wants to Sing a Duet With Harry Styles: "I'm a Secret 1D Fan"

Sep 16th 2014 6:17PM

Hilary Duff already had the chance to collaborate with the extremely talented Ed Sheeran (lucky!), but now she has her sights set on another hot... Read More

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Niall Horan and Harry Styles Talk Loyal Fans Buying New Album: "You're Pre-ordering a Picture"

Sep 16th 2014 1:51PM

Is there anything better than having Harry Styles and Niall Horan do a joint interview? They're one of our fave combos when it comes to the One... Read More

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Joe Jonas Saw Niall Horan on the Toilet? This Tweet Needs an Explanation

Sep 16th 2014 11:52AM

Joe Jonas has perhaps the best celebrity sighting story ever. As in, we want more details, pics...whatever you got, Joe. Joe tweeted about an... Read More

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Harry Styles Loves Country Music Star? Tweets He's a Secret Kacey Musgraves Fan

Sep 16th 2014 11:00AM

Well, it turns out Harry Styles is a country music fan and it sounds like he's crushing on one country star in particular – Kacey Musgraves.... Read More

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Harry Styles Gives Niall Horan Birthday Tribute Speech During One Direction Concert

Sep 15th 2014 5:11PM

Whelp, little Niall Horan is all grown up. Sniffle. In addition to getting a kick-a** birthday message video from Liam Payne, Harry Styles took the... Read More

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Did Liam Payne Break His Arm? What Happened?

Sep 15th 2014 2:17PM

Liam Payne was spotted wearing an arm cast yesterday and the fandom went into complete meltdown mode. What happened? Did Liam break his arm or hand?... Read More

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Liam Payne's Adorable Birthday Message to Niall Horan is Everything

Sep 15th 2014 11:46AM

Niall Horan celebrated a birthday over the weekend, turning the big 2-1, and while fans were giddy over Nialler's milestone, one of his bandmates got... Read More

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One Direction Announce New Single, 'Steal My Girl,' Coming September 29!

Sep 14th 2014 9:48PM

We're anxiously counting down the days until September 29...the date that One Direction's new single, "Steal My Girl" will be released. Can you feel... Read More

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One Direction at the Rose Bowl: Our View From the Fifth Row

Sep 14th 2014 2:17PM

I got complimentary tickets to see One Direction on the first night of the Where We Are Tour at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. I couldn't pick them... Read More

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One Direction Slam Breakup Rumors Again, Explain Going Solo is "Intense"

Sep 12th 2014 5:57PM

Lately, we can't go a week without hearing a rumor that the One Direction guys are planning to break up and pursue solo careers. So here's the... Read More

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One Direction Guys Miss Each Other When They're Not Together?

Sep 12th 2014 1:51PM

You'd think with all the time the One Direction guys spend together, they might welcome a break from always hanging out. While that's true –... Read More

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One Direction's New Song 'Fireproof' Breaks Download Record

Sep 11th 2014 4:12PM

Not content to just break a Guinness World Record, the One Direction guys have just nabbed the title of most downloaded track ever. New, free music... Read More

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Niall Horan on Being Homesick, Missing Friends While One Direction Tour

Sep 11th 2014 12:49PM

One Direction may be killing it on tour and breaking records, but there are some downfalls to the fame. In a new interview, Niall Horan talked about... Read More

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Fan Complains That Harry Styles Had Bad Breath When He Kissed Her

Sep 10th 2014 11:20PM

Imagine Harry Styles kissing you. It's the stuff dreams are made of, right? Well, for one fan, it wasn't quite as dreamy as she expected. In fact, it... Read More

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Harry Styles Thinks Taylor Swift's Songs About Him Are a "Gimmick?"

Sep 10th 2014 5:06PM

While Harry Styles is rumored to be the subject of some of Taylor Swift's songs on her upcoming album, we've been wondering what he thinks about all... Read More

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Perrie Edwards on Dating Zayn Malik: Harry Styles is "Too Naughty"

Sep 10th 2014 4:25PM

We haven't had an update on Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards' upcoming wedding in quite awhile, have we? And we're not going to now either...but we love... Read More

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Ed Sheeran Confirms Niall Horan Hooked Up With His Girlfriend?

Sep 9th 2014 11:16PM

Did Ed Sheeran finally confirm that it was Niall Horan who hooked up with ex-girlfriend Ellie Goulding? While plenty of interviewers have tried to... Read More

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One Direction 'Four' Track List Leaked Online? Is This Legit?

Sep 9th 2014 11:42AM

Hey, One Direction totally surprised us yesterday with their new album cover art and a free song to lay our ears on while waiting for the release, but... Read More

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One Direction Announce New Album 'Four,' Listen to "Fireproof" Free Download

Sep 8th 2014 10:15AM

There's nothing like amazing One Direction news to kick off your week – this morning, 1D announced their upcoming new album Four and had a... Read More

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Harry Styles' Grandmother Nanny S Died; Harry Mobbed at LAX After Funeral

Sep 7th 2014 8:37PM

Sad news for Harry Styles and his family – his grandmother, Beryl, passed away last week, hence his recent visit back home during One... Read More

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Harry Styles Almost Hit Zayn Malik On Stage? Watch the Near-Miss Unfold

Sep 5th 2014 5:19PM

One Direction have their fair share of onstage mishaps, from slips and falls to various objects flung at them during their concerts. At a recent show,... Read More

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Ariana Grande Reveals Harry Styles Recorded a Demo of 'A Little Bit of Your Heart'

Sep 4th 2014 5:29PM

We all know Harry Styles wrote a song for Ariana Grande (and have listened to it repeatedly...sigh), but their collaboration is still drumming up a... Read More