One Direction

One Direction
One Direction is an English/Irish boy band formed on the talent show The X Factor. One Direction's members are Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Liam Payne. They finished third on The X Factor, but went on to have massive success, reinvigorating the boy band genre and starting a British invasion in the U.S.
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Ariana Grande Shoots Down Harry Styles Dating Rumors: "He's a Friend"

Aug 14th 2014 10:08PM

We were honestly surprised when the news about Ariana Grande working with Harry Styles on a song for her new album didn't domino into a wicked dating... Read More

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One Direction Planning "Edgy" New Album: 1D Changing Their Image?

Aug 14th 2014 11:50AM

One Direction is getting edgy, y'all. Well, at least that's the promise for their upcoming new album. Could 1D be changing up their image a bit and... Read More

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Harry Styles Engaged? Harry Proposes to Fan in a Wedding Dress at 1D Concert

Aug 14th 2014 10:47AM

Mrs. Harry Styles has a nice ring to it, right? At the recent One Direction concert in Philadelphia, Harry proposed to a fan wearing a wedding dress... Read More

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One Direction Girlfriends Eleanor Calder and Sophia Smith Join their Guys on Tour

Aug 13th 2014 6:00PM

What's it like to travel the globe as girlfriend to a member of the hottest boy band? Wonder no more! Eleanor Calder and Sophia Smith, Louis... Read More

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5 Seconds of Summer Fans Diss Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson at Concert, Hazza and Directioners Fight Back

Aug 13th 2014 1:20PM

A battle of the boy band fans went down recently when 5 Seconds of Summer supporters had the balls to diss Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson during... Read More

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Finally! Fan Throws Object at Harry Styles - and He Actually Loves It

Aug 11th 2014 12:30PM

It's no secret that fans lose their minds (and cell phones and shoes and bras and tampons - that last one is just sad) when it comes to the... Read More

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Niall Horan's Pants Fall Down During Concert: Pics, But No One Got Video?

Aug 8th 2014 5:07PM

Niall Horan is trying out a new look and we're not complaining – see, his pants fell down during the One Direction concert at Gillette Stadium... Read More

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Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson Get Bromantic: Liam Says Louis Inspires Him

Aug 8th 2014 4:11PM

Liam Payne has really been spreading the love to his One Direction bandmates – first, Niall Horan was the object of his affection, now it's... Read More

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Fans Upset Over 'After' Harry Styles Fan Fiction: Why #SuspendAnnaTodd Is Trending on Twitter

Aug 8th 2014 10:14AM

Some time ago, we reported on Wattpad writer Anna Todd nabbing an impressive publishing deal and movie deal for her Harry Styles fan fiction, After.... Read More

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Niall Horan Leaving One Direction to Go Solo? You Won't Believe His Next Project

Aug 7th 2014 2:52PM

Is a solo career in Niall Horan's near future? While One Direction breakup rumors have swirled many times before, Niall is confirming that he'll be... Read More

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Liam Payne and Sophia Smith Hang at Carlo's Bakery, Decorate Cakes, Look Adorable

Aug 7th 2014 11:36AM

Liam Payne, Liam Payne, baker man. Sorry, we couldn't resist! Liam and girlfriend Sophia Smith got all sweet and frosting covered, hitting up a New... Read More

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RIP Harry Styles: Campaign Creates Panic in One Direction Fandom

Aug 7th 2014 10:06AM

Waking up to "RIP Harry Styles" news had us in a panic. Sheer Panic. Don't worry though, he's alive and well – and no, it's not the latest celeb... Read More

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Forget the New One Direction Fragrance: What Does Niall Horan Smell Like?

Aug 6th 2014 10:02PM

One Direction's third fragrance, 'You & I' is due to hit shelves later this month and, in a new interview with Teen Vogue at their launch event,... Read More

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Will 5 Seconds of Summer Become Bigger Than One Direction?

Aug 6th 2014 1:27PM

Are 5 Seconds of Summer going to be bigger than One Direction? While it may be too early to tell just yet, 5SOS has definitely been getting hotter... Read More

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Harry Styles Almost Falls Off Stage: Watch Harry's Dance Moves Almost Do Him In!

Aug 6th 2014 10:01AM

The One Direction guys have kicked off their North American tour and already we've had an onstage slip up, as Harry Styles almost fell during a recent... Read More

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One Direction Singing Dolls Feature New Outfits, Same Old Tunes: Lame or Must Have?

Aug 6th 2014 9:27AM

Looking for the perfect One Direction gift for the fan who has everything (or need to add something to your growing 1D collection)? How about these... Read More

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One Direction 'You and I' Fragrance Commercial: Mission Impossible Style

Aug 5th 2014 3:11PM

If you thought the One Direction guys were going to churn out a generic commercial for their new 'You & I' fragrance, think again. Nope, as... Read More

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Niall Horan Wears Miley Cyrus Pants in Hilarious Pic: Miley Responds

Aug 5th 2014 9:36AM

When he's not busy being the object of Liam Payne's fangirl obsession, Niall Horan likes to try on girls' pants. Specifically, Miley Cyrus' pants.... Read More

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Liam Payne Fangirling Over Niall Horan on Twitter: Hilarious #BeAFanDay Tweets Mock Fans?

Aug 4th 2014 10:44PM

It looks like Liam Payne's love runs pretty deep for Niall Horan, as Liam took to Twitter to totally fangirl over his One Direction bandmate. And,... Read More

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Harry Styles Meets Campbell Hoyt: Harry Visits Cancer Patient at Her Home

Aug 4th 2014 1:26PM

Harry Styles has proven yet again how much of an angel he is, this time not only tweeting a sweet message to an ill fan, but actually visiting with... Read More

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Harry Styles Goes Cliff Diving With Cindy Crawford's Son: Peep the Pic!

Aug 4th 2014 11:11AM

Harry Styles, thrill seeker? Harry got up to some risky fun while One Direction were recently in Canada, with a little help from one of Cindy... Read More

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Liam Payne Slams Fat Reports With Hilarious Chubby Instagram Pic

Aug 3rd 2014 5:27PM

Looks like Liam Payne is having the last laugh after reports swirled recently that he's getting fat. The One Direction star is making good use of his... Read More

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Liam Payne Gives Girlfriend Wedgie: His Cheeky Tweet Explains All

Aug 2nd 2014 7:40PM

Oh, Liam Payne. Remind us not to let you walk behind us...check out Liam giving girlfriend Sophia Smith a wedgie while on their recent yacht vacation... Read More

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Liam Payne's Sexy Yacht Striptease Captured on Video: Watch Liam Strip and Dive!

Aug 1st 2014 10:03AM

Well, hello there, Liam Payne. Liam performs the sexiest (well, it's actually more hilarious than anything) of stripteases before diving into the... Read More

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Liam Payne and Sophia Smith's Yacht Getaway: Fans Defend Fat Liam Insults

Jul 31st 2014 12:35PM

Liam Payne and Sophia Smith looked like they were having a relaxing time aboard a yacht yesterday in St. Tropez - you know, except for dealing with... Read More

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Teen Artist Quits School Because of Harry Styles? Check Out His Amazing One Direction Portraits

Jul 31st 2014 11:20AM

With an artistic talent for drawing the One Direction guys, Jack Ede, 18, decided to quit school and focus on making portraits. Yeah, it's a bit of a... Read More

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Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Getting Back Together? She's Trying to Win Him Back

Jul 31st 2014 9:56AM

Will Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner get back together again? If this new report is to be believed, Kendall is hoping for a reunion, but we've heard... Read More

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5 Seconds of Summer on Touring With One Direction: "It Was Scary for Us"

Jul 30th 2014 11:51AM

Were 5 Seconds of Summer scared to tour with One Direction? Well...kind of. But not for the reason you might think. While it seems it might be... Read More

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Harry Styles Lookalike Quits College: Claims He's "Like a Complete Double" of Harry

Jul 29th 2014 11:44AM

Is being a Harry Styles lookalike enough of a skill to make it a full-time career? Maybe in the short-term, but this Harry-ish guy (maybe if we squint... Read More

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Zayn Malik Tweets About Missing Louis Tomlinson's Mom's Wedding: It's All Good

Jul 28th 2014 3:53PM

We've forgiven Zayn Malik for not showing up to Louis Tomlinson's mom's wedding, but he definitely took some heat for being the only one not there to... Read More