Suri Cruise

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Taylor Swift Reportedly Teaches Suri Cruise How to Play the Guitar

Sep 2nd 2014 1:35AM

As if we couldn't already be more jealous of Suri Cruise's awesome life...The 8-year-old celebrity-since-birth little girl is basically BFFs with... Read More

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Suri Cruise Loses Her New Dog, Katie Holmes Offers $1,000 Reward for Her Return

Aug 26th 2014 1:33PM

This is so sad. We were so excited for Suri Cruise when we heard that she got her very own dog when she and mom Katie Holmes moved out to California a... Read More

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Block Party? Katie Holmes Moves in to Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian's Neighborhood

Aug 22nd 2014 2:34PM

After living in New York for a couple of years, Katie Holmes has officially made the move to suburbia. The 35-year-old actress and her daughter... Read More

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Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Apr 1st 2014 11:24AM

First of all, these two look so much alike, it still kinda blows our minds. Katie Holmes and her mini me (aka Suri Cruise) attended a basketball game... Read More

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Suri Cruise Wants to Meet One Direction Using Taylor Swift's Harry Styles Connection?

Mar 31st 2014 11:42AM

Suri Cruise reportedly is such a big One Direction fan that she wants to use her mom's connection with Taylor Swift to meet Harry Styles. Got all... Read More

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Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Wear Mommy-and-Me Bikinis

Dec 31st 2013 11:42AM

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise were soaking up the sun in Miami this week as the adorable duo sported mommy-and-me bikinis.... Read More

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Suri Cruise Steps Out Wearing a Fur Coat...Because She's Fabulous

Nov 20th 2013 12:56PM

Suri Cruise is heading to school in style. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' 7-year-old tot was spotted walking into school in this fabulous outfit. Was it... Read More

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The Strange Message on Suri Cruise's Cast

Sep 5th 2013 4:22PM

Suri Cruise broke her arm last week and while it isn't clear how the celebritot hurt herself, Katie's rep did confirm the injury. Suri has now been... Read More

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Ouch! Suri Cruise Breaks Her Arm

Sep 1st 2013 12:59AM

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter Suri Cruise might be a super famous celeb kid, but that doesn't make her immune to the normal growing pains.... Read More

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5 Celebs Who've Gone Totally Off on the Paparazzi

Aug 1st 2013 11:17AM

Kristen Stewart may have gone all the way off on the paparazzi, but she's not the only celeb who's lost their cool when it comes to the shutterbugs.... Read More

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Suri Cruise Flips Off Paparazzi? Pic Shows Suri Giving Middle Finger

Jul 19th 2013 9:43AM

Did Suri Cruise flip off paparazzi? A new pic showing Suri possibly giving the middle finger surfaces a week after a photographer called her a... Read More

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Suri Cruise vs. Paparazzi: Photog Calls Her a Brat in Shocking New Video

Jul 11th 2013 3:24PM

Why did a paparazzi call Suri Cruise a b*tch and a brat? Was Suri justified for yelling at the photographers who are always in her face? Watch the... Read More

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Suri Cruise Launching Her Own Fashion Line?

May 13th 2013 4:25PM

Suri Cruise is reportedly creating her own fashion line, called "Suri," that will launch in New York department stores this fall.... Read More

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Katie Holmes Tell Suri 'No' to a Puppy and She Cries! Can You Blame Her?

Jul 16th 2012 1:45PM

Suri Cruise cries in NYC pet store when she doesn't go home with a puppy!... Read More