Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift started her career as a country artist before crossing over to pop music. Taylor hit the country scene with her debut self-titled album Taylor Swift. However, her sophomore album Fearless is what really put her on the map as a major threat to music. She followed up Fearless' outstanding success with albums Speak Now and RED, as well as the forthcoming 1989.

Taylor Swift has received numerous GRAMMY, American Music, Billboard and Country Music Awards for her songs and albums. She's best known for writing relatable love songs, obsessing over cats and being the best gal pal every girl wishes she had. In the early years of her success, she got a reputation for always having a boyfriend and writing songs with lyrics that dissed her exes like "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "I Knew You Were Trouble." However, T-Swift doesn’t just call out ex-boyfriends, she's also penned anthems about haters and "frienemies" like "Mean," "Shake It Off" and "Better than Revenge."

Taylor Swift's The RED Tour broke the all-time revenue record for a single tour by a country artist grossing $150 million. The tour sold 1,702,933 tickets at 86 shows in 12 different countries.

Taylor is also the best-selling digital music artist of all time, and the only female artist in music history to twice have an album hit the 1 Million first-week sales figure (Speak Now and RED). Aside from being a global superstar, she's also a savvy businesswoman.

Plus, she makes large scale charitable contributions and touches her fans in very personal ways, from leaving notes of encouragement on their Instagram posts and staging extravagant backstage Meet and Greet parties, to even making YouTube videos about showing up at their bridal showers and inviting Swifties over to her own home to listen to her new music before it's released.

Whether she's proudly parading around New York City with one of her two adorable cats or dancing like no one's watching in the front seat at an award show, Taylor reminds fans and critics alike that amazing things can happen when you just be yourself.

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