Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 is an MTV reality show that follows the lives of four girls who appeared on 16 and Pregnant. Their journey of young motherhood is explored, including relationships with family, friends and men. The show has come under fire for straying from its original intent to shine a light on the struggles of teen pregnancy.
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More Teen Mom Drama: Jenelle Evans Blocks Farrah Abraham on Twitter

Jul 28th 2014 11:43PM

It's no secret that Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans do not like each other. Fortunately, they appeared on different seasons of the... Read More

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Teen Mom Star Tyler Baltierra Shows Off New Batman Tattoo

Jul 25th 2014 4:05PM

Tyler Baltierra just added some new ink to his growing collection and he received a very mixed reaction from fans on this one. The Teen Mom star... Read More

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The Wait Is Over: Jenelle Evans' Son Kaiser Finally Makes His Media Debut

Jul 18th 2014 5:40AM

Kaiser Orion Griffith! 💙 @PBandJenelley_1 @GroundLevelUp pic.twitter.com/nXuo0xx76x - Teen Mom 2 (@teenmom02) July 17, 2014 Jenelle Evans welcomed... Read More

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11 Biggest Teen Mom Secrets, Shockers and Scandals

Jul 16th 2014 7:28PM

...and the sequel.  Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape The pics were supposedly leaked by her ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp. Almost... Read More

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Jenelle Evans Claims Fan Stole Her Baby Daddy's Dog

Jul 14th 2014 12:40PM

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have a full house. They've got a couple of dogs, a cat, both of their kids from prior relationships staying over a... Read More

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Teen Mom 2 Star Leah Calvert Opens Up About Ali's Mounting Medical Bills

Jul 10th 2014 12:16PM

A lot of people think the Teen Mom stars have it made because they have a TV show and they're obviously making some money off of it, although the... Read More

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Maci Bookout Moves in With Boyfriend Taylor McKinney

Jul 9th 2014 9:53PM

Maci Bookout has been dating Taylor McKinney (not to be confused with Lady Gaga's boyfriend Taylor Kinney) for almost two years now. They had been... Read More

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Just Days After Giving Birth, Jenelle Evans Rocks a Bikini at the Beach

Jul 7th 2014 3:23PM

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans certainly wasn't shy about posting bikini pics throughout her pregnancy and we have to say, she looked absolutely... Read More

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Teen Mom Star Reveals She's Written a Shocking Tell-All

Jul 5th 2014 6:00AM

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been pretty open about the mistakes she's made in her past, most notably, her drug use. The reality star who was... Read More

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Farrah Abraham: I'm Over Reality Stars

Jul 1st 2014 4:00AM

Farrah Abraham hasn't been involved in a good feud for a couple of weeks, so she was - well, a couple weeks overdue. This time, she didn't have... Read More

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Maci Bookout Reportedly Owes the IRS Over $78,000 in Back Taxes

Jun 4th 2014 10:07PM

"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes," Benjamin Franklin once said. That being the case, if you're making money... Read More

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Farrah Abraham: Sex Symbol?!

Jun 4th 2014 5:14PM

Farrah Abraham has had trouble with word definitions in the past, but this one might be her biggest flub ever. Some reality stars make sex tapes and... Read More

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In Case You Were Wondering Just How Much Farrah Abraham Loves Herself, Here's Your Answer

Jun 3rd 2014 12:21PM

Farrah "I'm not a porn star" Abraham had a special surprise for guests at her birthday party over the weekend. At what had been advertised as the... Read More

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Farrah Abraham's Memorial Day Fail

May 23rd 2014 6:03PM

We always learn something new from Farrah Abraham. Sometimes it's related to current events, or new ways to use words that we never knew existed. In... Read More

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Which Teen Mom Revealed That She Wants to Become a Surrogate?

May 20th 2014 2:28PM

Kailyn Lowry recently released her memoir, Pride Over Pity, where she completely shocked her fans with a couple of pretty big bombshells. For... Read More

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Teen Mom 2 Star Leah Calvert Goes Back to School

May 15th 2014 6:08PM

Leah Calvert has been trying to figure out exactly what she wants to do with her life. Last season, on Teen Mom 2, she got pretty annoyed that her... Read More

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Farrah Abraham Shares Tribute to Sophia's Father

May 15th 2014 12:26PM

Farrah Abraham continues to prove that she is completely lacking any type of filter whatsoever. As if her latest antics aren't enough, she is kind of... Read More

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Catelynn Lowell Pregnant Again? Family's Facebook Updates Start New Round of Rumors

May 12th 2014 1:43PM

Well, that didn't take long at all. Last month, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra revealed that they were ready to start trying for a baby. The... Read More

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Teen Mom Star Maci Bookout Honored for Her Efforts to Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy

May 7th 2014 6:56PM

It might seem a little bit ironic that a teen who got pregnant is trying to lecture other teens about NOT getting pregnant, but Maci Bookout is hoping... Read More

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Farrah Abraham and Her Sex Tape Not Welcome on Teen Mom

May 7th 2014 5:43PM

Farrah Abraham may think she's setting a good example for her daughter (seriously, how?), but it sounds like some people might disagree with her. ... Read More

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Teen Mom 2 Star Chelsea Houska Gets a New Puppy

May 5th 2014 9:29PM

**To protect the pup's dignity, we had to do some slight photo censoring cause dogs don't want their naked pictures being posted on the Internet,... Read More

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16 and Pregnant Sneak Peek: Arianna Argues With Her Baby Daddy

May 3rd 2014 8:25PM

Ariana's ex was obviously cooperative when they were conceiving their child, but now that it's time to start taking care of the baby, he seems... Read More

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Remember When Jenelle Evans Made a Music Video?

May 1st 2014 12:01AM

It's hard to believe this was five years ago already. In case you didn't know, Jenelle Evans really, really, REALLY loves Ke$ha. She made this music... Read More

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'Teen Mom' Star Amber Portwood Slams Justin Bieber on 'Maury' (WATCH)

Apr 30th 2014 10:45PM

Time in the pen made Teen Mom star Amber Portwood see the light and now she's doing her best to teach and help girls like her. She recently stopped by... Read More

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Jenelle Evans Shows Off Sunburned Baby Bump at the Beach

Apr 29th 2014 11:00AM

Jenelle Evans brought her baby bump to the beach in a big way this weekend, flaunting her bikini body and a very bad sunburn on her growing belly. ... Read More

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Twitter Fans Unleash a Whole Lot of Hate on Teen Mom 2 Star Leah Calvert

Apr 25th 2014 2:27PM

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert recently embarked on a brand new business venture where she's trying her hand as a Mary Kay consultant. If all goes well,... Read More

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Chelsea Houska Defends Herself After Revealing Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Apr 24th 2014 5:15PM

Teen Mom 2 fans were shocked during the reunion on Tuesday when Chelsea Houska's ex, Adam Lind, revealed not only had she slept with one of his... Read More

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Jenelle Evans Is Still Talking to Kieffer Delp? See the Shocking Messages

Apr 24th 2014 3:47PM

Jenelle Evans just won't let this one go, will she? Despite the fact that she and Kieffer Delp have been broken up for a LONG time now and when she... Read More

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Maci Bookout Supports Fellow Teen Mom Star Kailyn Lowry

Apr 24th 2014 12:44PM

When it comes to drama between the Teen Mom cast members, Maci Bookout has chosen to take the high road. After Farrah Abraham's sex tape was released... Read More

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Reveal That They're Ready to Have a Baby

Apr 23rd 2014 4:54PM

When we first met Catelynn Lowell on 16 and Pregnant back in 2009, we watched as she and boyfriend Tyler Baliterra made the heartbreaking decision to... Read More