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For Brittani Louise Taylor, Being a YouTube Star Is a 24/7 Job

Jul 29th 2014 12:11PM

Attention, control freaks! Have you ever wanted to write, direct and produce your own YouTube videos? Cool. How about star in them, find or create... Read More

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And You Thought Your Bed Was Uncomfortable: This Baby Is Sleeping With Snakes

Jul 23rd 2014 3:24PM

First of all, where are this kid's parents? Second of all, someone get that baby out of there! In this video, a baby is sleeping on a makeshift bed... Read More

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Dog Steals Baby's Toy, Apologizes in the Most Adorable Way

Jul 23rd 2014 12:34PM

Dogs + Babies = Viral Video Gold. It's actually a good thing they stopped at dog and baby. If there was a cat crawling into a box or something in... Read More

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Singer Catey Shaw's "Brooklyn Girls" Song Goes Viral: Brooklynites Are Not Impressed

Jul 18th 2014 3:08AM

Aspiring singer Catey Shaw was probably super excited when her song "Brooklyn Girls" went viral. That is, until she started getting a lot of hate over... Read More

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Girl Wakes Up at Her Funeral: This Video Will Blow Your Mind

Jul 15th 2014 1:05PM

If we didn't see this with our own eyes, we never would have believed it. A little girl woke up at her own funeral and the footage will completely... Read More

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Colbie Caillat "Try" Video: Women Strip Down in the Most Beautiful Way Ever

Jul 14th 2014 2:57PM

Colbie Caillat is using her new music video "Try" to spread a message of empowerment, acceptance and beauty by having women strip down – to... Read More

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Disney World Surprise Fails to Impress This Kid: Watch His Hilarious (and Sad) Reaction

Jul 10th 2014 7:52PM

We've all seen those magical videos where parents surprise their kids with a trip to Disney World. In most cases, there's giddy excitement and pure... Read More

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'Frozen' and 'Orange Is the New Black' Mashup Video is Beyond Brilliant

Jul 10th 2014 7:28PM

Okay, we admit that we get a little bit giddy when Frozen is paired with something less appropriate (see the unnecessarily censored version here), but... Read More

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Guy Impersonating 29 Celebrities Reveals Video Was a Hoax: See How He Faked It!

Jul 10th 2014 11:07AM

We feel so betrayed. Remember that guy who did an amazing 29 celebrity impressions while singing an original song? He didn't do one single... Read More

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This 2-Year-Old Amputee Learning to Use His Walker Is the Sweetest Thing You'll See All Day

Jul 8th 2014 4:06PM

When Kayden Elijah Kinckle's mom was pregnant with him, she was told that he would not survive and was advised that she should terminate the pregnancy... Read More

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The YouTube Makeup Tutorial All Women Should Watch: How to Be Beautiful Inside and Out

Jul 7th 2014 1:05PM

This is the one makeup tutorial that all women should watch. And yes, this woman is beautiful and her makeup application is flawless, but it's so not... Read More

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Nailed It: Guy Does 29 Amazing Celebrity Impressions for Original Song "Perfect"

Jul 4th 2014 11:40AM

The promise of amazing celebrity impressions sometimes misses the mark, but this guy is the real deal. Watch Rob Cantor nail 29 celeb impersonations... Read More

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This Egg Cracking Underwater Is Disgustingly Beautiful

Jul 3rd 2014 6:00AM

There are lots of different egg-cracking techniques. There is the one-handed egg crack, the two-handed egg crack, the countertop tap, the side of the... Read More

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Above the Law? Truck Driver Pulls Cop Over for Speeding

Jul 2nd 2014 4:45PM

We all know the feeling when you see the red and blues flashing behind you. The car is quickly filled with the sound of four-letter words and you take... Read More

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Guy Puts on Pants Without Using His Hands: Behold, The Pants Dance

Jul 1st 2014 7:00AM

Well, this guy wakes up in the morning and puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us, but the way he does it is far from ordinary.... Read More

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Why Is Doing Something "Like a Girl" Such a Bad Thing?

Jul 1st 2014 1:00AM

"You hit like a fight like a run like a throw like a girl." So what?! Are you insulting us? What's so wrong with... Read More

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'Frozen' Gets Unnecessarily Censored Again and It's Even Better This Time

Jun 27th 2014 10:09PM

Yes, It's another Frozen unnecessarily censored video...but it's so good. We've seen the strategically bleeped out thing before, but it honestly... Read More

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This Dog Does the Cutest Thing When She Gets in the Car

Jun 23rd 2014 6:36PM

Some dogs love cars, some dogs hate them and some dogs decide based on the route. They might love the first half of the trip and once you make the... Read More

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Pearl Jam Sing "Let It Go" in Concert: Craziest 'Frozen' Cover Ever?

Jun 22nd 2014 8:47PM

Just when we thought we'd seen every possible cover version of Frozen's "Let It Go" comes...this. Watch Pearl Jam sing the most alternative rocker... Read More

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A Video Called 'Fartzenegger' Exists: It's the Most Hilarious Schwarzenegger Mashup Ever

Jun 20th 2014 3:48PM

The internet can shut down now after you watch Fartzenegger. Someone took all of Arnold Schwarzenegger's fine performances and synced up fart sound... Read More

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How Does the ACTUAL Food at Fast Food Restaurants Compare to the Food in Their Ads?

Jun 20th 2014 12:05AM

Food ads are like psychological warfare. We are all trying to diet and watch what we eat and they somehow manage to get in our heads and absolutely... Read More

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The Magic Trick That Just Won't Go Away: Find Out How It's Done

Jun 19th 2014 4:15PM

We have seen so many different magicians doing this same trick, we're shocked that anybody even bothers with it anymore. Perhaps the reason they do is... Read More

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Best First Date? Dad Takes Daughter on a Date...You'll Want to Have the Tissues Handy

Jun 19th 2014 2:23PM

We're not crying. It's just allergies. Sniffle. Watch as a dad gets ready for a first date...with his daughter? No, it's not creepy or strange, but... Read More

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Brianna Vance Saved Her Dad's Life With a Facebook Post

Jun 19th 2014 1:50PM

Ten-year-old Brianna Vance is being hailed as a hero after she used a Facebook post to save her dad's life. The girl was at the family's home in West... Read More

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Hello Flo Ad's Awkward First Moon Party Tackles Periods in the Most Hilarious Way

Jun 19th 2014 11:23AM

Being behind on the puberty train is sometimes a what happens when this girl takes matters into her own hands in the most hilarious and... Read More

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Watch This Girl Face Plant on the Ice Right After the L.A. Kings Won the Stanley Cup

Jun 17th 2014 11:55PM

Most embarrassing moment ever. A girl trying to be sexy in high heels and a short skirt, strutted her stuff across the NHL ice skating rink right... Read More

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These Animals Dancing to "Push It" Is the Only Animal Dancing Video You Ever Need to Watch

Jun 17th 2014 9:05PM

Warning: Your dancing skills are about to be upstaged by a bunch of animals, including, but not limited to: a panda, a parrot, a turtle and a gorilla.... Read More

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High School Senior Strips at Graduation, Won't Get Diploma: Prank Worth It?

Jun 16th 2014 3:04PM

Here's a cautionary tale if you're thinking of taking it all off at your might want to reconsider. A high school senior decided to... Read More

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Why One Driver From This Head-On Collision Is Being Hailed as a Hero

Jun 13th 2014 7:35PM

This is not what it looks like at all. In fact, this car "accident" was anything but an accident. The driver of the white car was a 14-year-old boy... Read More

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'The Lion King' Honest Trailer Will Make You Rethink the Disney Classic

Jun 13th 2014 4:19PM

We're giant fans of Screen Junkies' "Honest Trailers" and are so psyched they decided to take a trip in the way-back machine and tackle the beloved... Read More