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We Would Not Want to Be This Kid's Baby Sister

Apr 22nd 2014 6:44PM

Baby reveal cakes are all the rage right now. If you haven't seen one yet, basically, the cake is frosted with some discreet color (usually white) on... Read More

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This Kid Proves That Power Naps Really Do Exist

Apr 22nd 2014 5:07PM

Forget coffee, we'll take two of whatever this little girl has in her bottle. You know when you wake up from a nap feeling totally groggy and thinking... Read More

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This Dog Is Definitely Earning His Treats: See Him Hard at Work

Apr 21st 2014 9:36PM

This definitely gives new meaning to "Bring Your Dog to Work Day." In fact, every office needs one of these. Not only is he super cute, he's really... Read More

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Kids React to Seeing a Walkman For the First Time: 80s Kids Feel Ancient

Apr 15th 2014 1:57PM

Remember Walkmans? Of course you don't...that's some old a** technology. Check out what happens when kids are shown a Walkman for the first time and... Read More

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What's So Funny About Safety? Let This Southwest Flight Attendant Tell You

Apr 15th 2014 12:17PM

Everyone knows there's nothing funnier than safety. Right? Wrong. But this Southwest flight attendant gave it an honest effort and the passengers... Read More

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'How Frozen Should Have Ended' Video: Did Anna and Elsa Have Crappy Parents?

Apr 15th 2014 11:14AM

Anyone else question Anna and Elsa's parents and their child-raising techniques in Frozen? Yeah, we admit it crossed our minds that maybe they were... Read More

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The Argument Against Using Plastic Cups As Shoes

Apr 12th 2014 5:00AM

Post by Best Vines. Have you ever seen someone fall and felt like a total jerk when you laugh right in their face? Well, now you can laugh all... Read More

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Who Knew Having Your Kid Cuss You Out Could Be So Cute?

Apr 12th 2014 5:00AM

Maybe this kid should put some of his bath soap in his mouth. A YouTuber posted this video of his son in the bath trying to say "thank you"... Read More

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Rat On New York Subway Elicits an Amazing Spectrum of Reactions

Apr 10th 2014 4:20PM

The subway is definitely not the kind of place where you just want to curl up and get comfy on the floor. Add a rat to the equation and you just went to the next level of nastiness. Hopefully you... Read More

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Epic Interview Fail or Viral Video Hoax? You Be the Judge

Apr 9th 2014 5:17PM

We have to admit, when we first saw this video, we laughed our butts off, just like all the other 1.6 million people who have already watched it on... Read More

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If Cats and Dogs Were Humans, Which One Would You Want to Be Friends With?

Apr 8th 2014 4:05PM

Are you more of a cat person or a dog person? What if your cat or dog WAS really a person, though, then what? In this amazing video, we see what... Read More

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Do Not Get Drunk After You Sign a Skydiving Waiver: A Cautionary Tale

Apr 8th 2014 3:16PM

Usually, contracts aren't binding if you sign them when you're drunk (or stoned or whatever altered state you might be in), but if you sign the... Read More

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How Many Hounds Can You Fit in One Dog House?

Apr 7th 2014 8:28PM

Dude, is this a doghouse or one of those crazy clown cars? At the beginning of the video, we see two dogs' butts and it's like "oh, how cute,... Read More

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Cute, Creepy or Both? Talking Frenchie Protests Bedtime

Apr 7th 2014 12:49PM

Anyone who has ever tried to get their dog to "speak" knows how exciting it can be when they actually let out the littlest noise upon hearing the... Read More

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This Dog Video Will Blow Your Mind...and Maybe Annoy You a Little, Too

Apr 6th 2014 3:00AM

Usually, a dog's vocabulary consists of "sit" and "stay" and simple commands like that--probably if you really want to get technical, they know... Read More

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Best Catch Ever? Young Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Catches Game Ball in His Popcorn Bucket (WATCH)

Apr 5th 2014 5:00PM

When all else fails and you don't have a baseball glove...use your popcorn bucket? That's exactly what 17-year-old Lucas Spano did when a foul ball... Read More

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Best Baby Video Ever--Even If You're Not a "Gush Over Babies" Kind of Person

Apr 5th 2014 7:50AM

We've come a LONG way from that creepy Oogachaka dancing baby from the '90s, that's for sure. You don't remember it? Well, you didn't miss much,... Read More

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Silence Is Golden, But Not to This Golden Retriever: Watch Him Jam

Apr 5th 2014 5:00AM

We're just going to come straight out with it- we're torn on this one. The dog is awesome and the fact that he loves to jam makes him even better in... Read More

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Honey Maid Responds to Homophobes, Haters in Most Brilliant Way Ever

Apr 4th 2014 11:32AM

Lets give it up for Honey Maid because this is beyond awesome... Honey Maid took plenty of heat when it aired their "This Is Wholesome" ad that... Read More

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Kristen Bell's "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" Live Performance Will Reduce You to Tears

Apr 3rd 2014 3:05PM

Okay, confession time: we lose it every time we hear Frozen's "Do You Want to Build a Snowman." Please tell us we're not the only ones. We... Read More

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Amazing Inflight Entertainment: The Lion King Cast Sings "Circle of Life"

Apr 1st 2014 1:48PM

Imagine having live entertainment during your next flight--that's exactly what happened for passengers on board a flight from Brisbane to Sydney, as... Read More

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Kid Becomes Real-Life Action Hero With Dad's Cool Visual Effects: Watch!

Mar 28th 2014 11:05AM

When dads are awesome...this one really takes the cake, as he brings to life his son's love for action movies and superheroes to turn him into the... Read More

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Jimmy Kimmel Finds Out the Dirty Words Kids Know: Some of Them May Shock You

Mar 26th 2014 11:43AM

Video of a little boy rattling off all the swear words he knows has been making the rounds, but Jimmy Kimmel took the idea and ran with it, taking... Read More

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Passengers Totally Under-React to Pepsi Bus Stop Prank

Mar 24th 2014 9:01PM

It seems like bus stops have become the new birthplace of viral videos. There was a cute one last month where a shivering kid was placed at a bus... Read More

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Kristen Bell's a Fan: Watch Little Girl's Dramatic 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman' Video

Mar 24th 2014 10:29AM

We've seen the funny Frozen viral videos, the lovely "Let It Go" covers and even this brilliant mashup of a guy singing "Let It Go" in a number of... Read More

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Baby Wakes Up to Bruno Mars In the Best Mood Ever

Mar 23rd 2014 5:54PM

Ever wish you could wake up a little happier? If you're anything like us, dragging ass out of bed takes a good deal of multiple snooze button... Read More

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What Did This Kid Say That Made the Drill Sergeant Hug Him?

Mar 22nd 2014 7:31AM

You may have never heard of the Jenny Jones show (we had even forgotten about it), but when someone was digging through their old tapes--that should... Read More

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McFly's Tom Fletcher and Wife's Amazing Pregnancy Time-lapse Video: From Bump to Buzz

Mar 21st 2014 11:38AM

This melted our hearts. We're talking reduced to a puddle meltdown. Have a tissue handy because McFly star Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna have... Read More

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We Dare You Not To Smile When You See What This Dog Does Next

Mar 20th 2014 1:46PM

Every dog owner knows that no matter how much dough you spend on dog toys, they'll find something else to play with that they like a thousand... Read More

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You've Gotta See This Guy's Insane Guess on Wheel of Fortune

Mar 20th 2014 1:10PM

We've seen some pretty crazy guesses on Wheel of Fortune over the years, but this one definitely takes the cake. This dude only had two letters in... Read More