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This Creepy Scarecrow Prank Will Give You Nightmares

Oct 14th 2014 10:01PM

Scarecrows have the word "scare" in their names, but we all know nothing is actually scary about them. Maybe if you were a crow, but if you're reading... Read More

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Parents Surprise 12-Year-Old Daughter With Lorde Tickets and Her Reaction Is Priceless

Sep 29th 2014 1:25PM

The hardest thing about being a kid is that you can't just go out and do the things you want to do. You can't just hop in the car and drive down to... Read More

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Little Girl Scolds Parents For Laughing During 'Let It Go' Performance

Sep 25th 2014 9:18PM

Singing "Let It Go" is serious business, so please parents, keep it together when your little one prepares to belt it out or else face the wrath that... Read More

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This Little Girl's Pre-Flu Shot Performance Is Nothing Short of Epic

Sep 23rd 2014 2:46PM

'Try to be cool, it's no big deal, it's just...OH MY GOD that needle is bigger than I expected and it's headed straight for my flesh. Why did I ever... Read More

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Botched Paddle Boat Proposal Video Goes Viral

Sep 23rd 2014 11:30AM

First of all, the mere idea of proposing on a paddle boat seems like a logistical nightmare. There is hardly any room on those things and getting down... Read More

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Mutant Giant Spider Dog Executes the Most Epic Prank Ever

Sep 6th 2014 2:08PM

We love dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, fat dogs, skinny dogs...we don't care, we love 'em all. The one exception to that rule would be if we didn't... Read More

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Family Creates "Baby Got Class" Back-to-School Parody

Sep 3rd 2014 8:14PM

You might recognize the family in this video from their viral Christmas video last year, "XMAS Jammies." Let's just say the Holderness family has... Read More

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O2L Can Do Hilarious Impressions of Each Other

Sep 3rd 2014 2:11PM

The online video boy group sensation Our 2nd Life (O2L) are known for their funny YouTube videos, but they can also do hilarious impressions of each... Read More

back to school, viral video

This Is the Best 'Worst Back-to-School Commercial' You'll Ever See

Sep 1st 2014 3:17AM

If there's one thing we's back-to-school commercials. They seem to start earlier and earlier every year and their mere presence means it's... Read More

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Dad Secretly Films Daughter's Hilarious Selfie Session

Sep 1st 2014 12:35AM

Everyone knows it takes a few selfies to get the perfect shot. OK, maybe more than "a few." But, this girl takes things to the next level and thanks... Read More

viral video, youtube

O2L are the One Direction of YouTube Stars

Aug 21st 2014 5:21PM

YouTube Stars, like Bethany Mota and Grace Helbig, are slowly taking over the entertainment world, so it's no suprise that these young guys have made... Read More

selfies, viral video

This Guy Took Selfies Every Day for 7 Years and Made This Mind-Blowing Video

Aug 13th 2014 5:12PM

***Scroll down for video*** Sorry, Kim Kardashian - this guy was taking selfies way before you made them "a thing" and he might even have a... Read More

katy perry, viral video

Baby Stops Crying When She Hears Katy Perry: Katy Shares Her Awesome Reaction

Aug 7th 2014 12:48PM

We all loved the viral video of that little baby crying and then instantly stopping when she heard Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" come on. Turns out,... Read More

funny, katy perry, viral video

Forget Nursery Rhymes, This Kid Just Wants to Hear Some Katy Perry

Aug 5th 2014 12:41PM

We totally feel ya, kid! This baby is mad and she's just gearing up to throw what probably would have been an epic tantrum, but then mom turns on... Read More

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Teen's Post About Being in Her Mom's Car Goes Viral, Inspires Awesome Parodies

Aug 3rd 2014 7:00AM

British teenager Tish Simmonds accidentally became an internet sensation when she uploaded a very simple Vine video of herself sitting in her mom's... Read More

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All-Male A Capella Group Sings Shakira Songs: Out Of the Blue Gets Shakira's Attention

Jul 30th 2014 4:05PM

We were a little skeptical when we saw this video of an all-male a capella group tackling Shakira songs, but let's say we were very pleasantly... Read More

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For Brittani Louise Taylor, Being a YouTube Star Is a 24/7 Job

Jul 29th 2014 12:11PM

Attention, control freaks! Have you ever wanted to write, direct and produce your own YouTube videos? Cool. How about star in them, find or create... Read More

baby, cobras, scary, viral video, wtf

And You Thought Your Bed Was Uncomfortable: This Baby Is Sleeping With Snakes

Jul 23rd 2014 3:24PM

First of all, where are this kid's parents? Second of all, someone get that baby out of there! In this video, a baby is sleeping on a makeshift bed... Read More

baby, dogs, viral video

Dog Steals Baby's Toy, Apologizes in the Most Adorable Way

Jul 23rd 2014 12:34PM

Dogs + Babies = Viral Video Gold. It's actually a good thing they stopped at dog and baby. If there was a cat crawling into a box or something in... Read More

brooklyn girls, catey shaw, viral video

Singer Catey Shaw's "Brooklyn Girls" Song Goes Viral: Brooklynites Are Not Impressed

Jul 18th 2014 3:08AM

Aspiring singer Catey Shaw was probably super excited when her song "Brooklyn Girls" went viral. That is, until she started getting a lot of hate over... Read More

viral video

Girl Wakes Up at Her Funeral: This Video Will Blow Your Mind

Jul 15th 2014 1:05PM

If we didn't see this with our own eyes, we never would have believed it. A little girl woke up at her own funeral and the footage will completely... Read More

colbie caillat, viral video

Colbie Caillat "Try" Video: Women Strip Down in the Most Beautiful Way Ever

Jul 14th 2014 2:57PM

Colbie Caillat is using her new music video "Try" to spread a message of empowerment, acceptance and beauty by having women strip down – to... Read More

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Disney World Surprise Fails to Impress This Kid: Watch His Hilarious (and Sad) Reaction

Jul 10th 2014 7:52PM

We've all seen those magical videos where parents surprise their kids with a trip to Disney World. In most cases, there's giddy excitement and pure... Read More

frozen, viral video

'Frozen' and 'Orange Is the New Black' Mashup Video is Beyond Brilliant

Jul 10th 2014 7:28PM

Okay, we admit that we get a little bit giddy when Frozen is paired with something less appropriate (see the unnecessarily censored version here), but... Read More

viral video

Guy Impersonating 29 Celebrities Reveals Video Was a Hoax: See How He Faked It!

Jul 10th 2014 11:07AM

We feel so betrayed. Remember that guy who did an amazing 29 celebrity impressions while singing an original song? He didn't do one single... Read More

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This 2-Year-Old Amputee Learning to Use His Walker Is the Sweetest Thing You'll See All Day

Jul 8th 2014 4:06PM

When Kayden Elijah Kinckle's mom was pregnant with him, she was told that he would not survive and was advised that she should terminate the pregnancy... Read More

viral video

The YouTube Makeup Tutorial All Women Should Watch: How to Be Beautiful Inside and Out

Jul 7th 2014 1:05PM

This is the one makeup tutorial that all women should watch. And yes, this woman is beautiful and her makeup application is flawless, but it's so not... Read More

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Nailed It: Guy Does 29 Amazing Celebrity Impressions for Original Song "Perfect"

Jul 4th 2014 11:40AM

The promise of amazing celebrity impressions sometimes misses the mark, but this guy is the real deal. Watch Rob Cantor nail 29 celeb impersonations... Read More

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This Egg Cracking Underwater Is Disgustingly Beautiful

Jul 3rd 2014 6:00AM

There are lots of different egg-cracking techniques. There is the one-handed egg crack, the two-handed egg crack, the countertop tap, the side of the... Read More

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Above the Law? Truck Driver Pulls Cop Over for Speeding

Jul 2nd 2014 4:45PM

We all know the feeling when you see the red and blues flashing behind you. The car is quickly filled with the sound of four-letter words and you take... Read More