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Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff Reunite to Perform "Summertime" in Las Vegas

Aug 17th 2014 5:45PM

It's safe to say pool partiers at the Palms Casino Resort got one of the best surprises ever. While former Fresh Prince star DJ Jazzy Jeff was... Read More

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Will Smith Helps Woman Announce Pregnancy in Most Epic Way Possible

May 22nd 2014 11:37AM

Will Smith continues to show his never-ending awesomeness, this time in a slightly unexpected way. Parents-to-be are often looking for a unique way... Read More

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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith Under Investigation by Child Protective Services For This Pic?

May 21st 2014 4:34PM

This controversial photo taken of 13-year-old Willow Smith in bed with shirtless 20-year-old actor Moises Arias has been deleted from his Tumblr,... Read More

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Why Didn't Willow Smith Want to Star in Her Dad's Production of 'Annie'?

Jan 14th 2014 8:19PM

Quvenzhane Wallis will star as the lead in the upcoming Annie remake, which is co-produced by Jay-Z and Will Smith. Surprisingly, Willow Smith... Read More

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Justin Bieber's Photo Named Instagram's Most Liked Picture of 2013

Dec 13th 2013 8:04PM

What does it take to have the most popular photo on Instagram? Um, you have to be Justin Bieber! Bieber beat other famous Instagram users such as Joe... Read More

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David Blaine Does Magic Tricks for Kanye West, Will Smith and More!

Nov 21st 2013 4:58PM

David Blaine's new TV special featured the famed magician doing his magic tricks for fans, but this time, the fans were celebrities. Watch as David... Read More

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Will Smith Lists Home for $42 Million

Sep 2nd 2013 6:23PM

Will Smith has just listed the family's Southern California compound for a whopping $42 million. The home, which was purchased by the family back... Read More

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Hollywood's Biggest Dads

Jun 11th 2013 4:44PM

Wait, Brad Pitt has how many kids? Here are some of Hollywood's "biggest" dads, including Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg and Bruce Jenner.... Read More

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Will Smith Says Son Jaden Will Follow His Advice Until When?!

Jun 11th 2013 11:28AM

The actor says his teenage son and After Earth costar likes to take his advice and will continue listening to him unless he steers him wrong... Read More

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Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Will Smith and More! Check Out Hollywood's Biggest Dads

Jun 11th 2013 11:04AM

In honor of Father's Day, we take a look at some of Hollywood's most devoted dads, including Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Will Smith and more!... Read More

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Why Does Jaden Smith Get Embarrassed By Will Smith?

Jun 1st 2013 10:59AM

Find out what his famous father does in public that makes the After Earth star cringe in our exclusive Couch Sesh video with Jaden Smith... Read More

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Will Smith Slams Kardashian Comparison, Says His Family Isn't Fame-Hungry

May 29th 2013 1:37PM

During an interview to promote his new film After Earth, Will Smith shot down a Kardashian comparison saying that their family is not seeking fame or... Read More

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Will Smith, Jaden Smith 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Rap and Reunion: Watch!

May 24th 2013 4:40PM

Watch Will and Jaden Smith sing 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' theme song rap on Graham Norton, with a mini 'Fresh Prince' reunion including DJ Jazzy... Read More

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Jaden and Will Smith: 'After Earth' Behind the Scenes in Costa Rica!

May 23rd 2013 6:16PM

Will and Jaden Smith take us behind the scenes and reveal what it was like filming 'After Earth' in Costa Rica with snakes, wild pigs, monkeys and... Read More

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Will & Jaden Smith Talk Teaming Up for 'After Earth'

May 23rd 2013 1:00PM

The dynamic father son duo share how they got to work together on their latest project, filming in Costa Rica and the worst scene they had to shoot!... Read More

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Jaden Smith Collaborating With Sister Willow on New Music

May 23rd 2013 11:47AM

The After Earth star shares that he's collaborating with his older sister Willow for new songs...but what about his dad Will? Watch the video... Read More

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Will Smith and Kanye West Hit the Studio Together

May 21st 2013 10:31PM

After Will Smith and Kanye West were spotted at a recording studio in Brazil back in February, Will admits that he would consider making music again... Read More

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Jaden Smith to Stay at Parents' House for "20 or 30 More Years"

May 15th 2013 4:45PM

Will Smith's son says he's staying put at his parents' pad for a long time since everything there is totally free...watch the funny clip now!... Read More

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Will Smith: Jaden Wants to Be Emancipated For His Birthday!

May 14th 2013 1:30PM

The actor says his 14-year-old son wants an unusual gift for his upcoming birthday: freedom! Find out more details about Will's laid back parenting... Read More

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Will Smith Says Justin Bieber Suffering From "Immature Adulthood"

Apr 24th 2013 11:14AM

Actor says he talks to Justin once a week and that he's handling the media spotlight better than most people would... Read More

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Kristen Stewart Drops Out Of 'Focus'

Apr 18th 2013 12:28PM

Twilight starlet ditches the thriller movie which Ben Affleck was also previously set to star in...but what A-lister is signing on?... Read More

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Jaden Smith Drops Music Video for 'Hello'...See Willow Make An Appearance!

Mar 26th 2013 3:30PM

Will Smith's son releases a brand new music video and his sister makes a cameo...check it out!... Read More

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Jay-Z's Writing Music For Willow Smith's 'Annie' Movie Remake!

Aug 24th 2012 5:50PM

She's not the only Smith involved in the project either!... Read More

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Will Smith: "My Kids for Sure Think Parents Just Don't Understand"

May 8th 2012 7:30AM

Do Will's kids identify with the lyrics of Parents Just Don't Understand?... Read More

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Will Smith on MIB3: "When I Get That Suit On, It All Comes Back"

May 5th 2012 8:17PM

But there was one thing that made him nervous...... Read More

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Will Smith's Oldest Son Graduates High School

Jun 12th 2011 5:30PM

Will Smith beamed with pride as he watched his eldest son Trey graduate from high school in California earlier this week. Smith came together... Read More

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New York Mayor Orders Will Smith to Move Trailer

May 12th 2011 4:13PM

The mayor of New York has ordered Will Smith to move his massive movie set trailer after it sparked complaints from residents in Manhattan.... Read More

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Will Smith Teaming Up with Son Jaden for Sci Fi Flick

Apr 4th 2011 4:11PM

Will Smith is teaming up with his son Jaden again. According to Deadline, Sony Pictures Entertainment has signed Will and Jaden to star in an... Read More

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Will Smith Donates Computers to School

Mar 18th 2011 10:12AM

Will Smith has donated 29 computers to a high school in his native Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after learning thieving students had stolen... Read More

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DJ Jazzy Jeff says Will Smith's Kids are "Incredible"

Feb 11th 2011 5:01PM

Proud ';uncle' DJ Jazzy Jeff gushes to Cambio about Willow and Jayden's music careers at the The Grammy Foundation Music Preservation Project event... Read More